As motorists and enthusiasts, we live in a relatively free society to do what we please with our rides. Some of us prefer to install turbos and tuners, others enjoy lifting their vehicles or getting racing stripes, but there are some mods that shouldn't see the light of day. The cars in this compilation are in that latter category... These autos are downright weird but we can't help but stare!

1. Siamese Twins

I legitimately want to know if it drives, and if so, what side the driver sits on!

2. Damn. She Thick.

This car is double-cheeked up on a Monday and winks at you from across the street. Watcha doin'?

2. This Absolutely Cursed Looking Miata

Ah, yes. Smile nice and wide for mama.


I have so many questions about this one. First, where do you even find tires that size, and second, what does it mean by "What's Next"?

4. Now I've Really Seen It All

So here we have a compact car, chopped down like a pickup, with a tow hitch (but no rear wheels), attached to a dolly. Amazing.

5. The Boombox Special

There's a lot to unpack here. The plywood front end, the complete lack of headlights and air intakes, not to mention the home stereo system for a front bumper.

6. Is He Going Sailing Or Driving?

Nothing better than going sailing down the highway. No windshield, no worries!

8. A Real Life Hotwheel

This car looks like it belongs in the toy aisle.

9. Is It A Spaceship Or A Car?

Pretty, pink, and ready for takeoff.

10. Small But Mighty

Someone out there was crazy enough to put tank treads on a Smart Car. Looks like a cross with an old German Kettenkrad!

11. Ah, Yes. Teeth, Just What A Car Needs!

Seriously, what is up with you guys putting teeth on perfectly fine cars.

12. This Ain't It Chief

When you lift your SUV but have absolutely no clue what you're doing.