We've all had that moment where you think you get a great parking spot only to find that someone has actually parked quite terrible either next to said spot, or in said spot. When that happened to these people, they didn't keep hunting the lot, oh no, they got revenge.

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Don't Mess With This Guy
Don't Mess With This Guy

"So a little backstory before I get the actual revenge story; I live in a really small and tight street with super limited parking spots, but it is like an unwritten rule that everyone parks in front of their place, not someone else's. Recently this rude neighbor moved in across the street and he has 4 cars! 3 that just sit around and 1 that he drives daily and he has those junkers parked all overtaking other peoples spots causing problems I have occasionally left a small note on his car asking him politely to please not park in my spot and still he keeps doing it and it really ticks me off because when he does take my spot I have to park a few streets over and walk for about 5 minutes to get home (not far i know, just annoying) because I don't take other peoples spots.... So on to the actual story:

3 days ago overnight we had a massive snowfall it was up to my knees and I'm 6'4. I wake up and need to go to the store to buy groceries so I get a shovel and spend about 30 minutes digging my car out of the parking spot and I shovel all the snow out of the spot so it's easy for me to get back in my spot with my groceries when I get back, while I'm doing that the rude neighbor comes out and leaves and he looks at me while I'm shoveling snow we even make eye contact so he clearly saw me clearing snow out of my spot. So I go to the store and return some 20 minutes later and what do I see THE RUDE NEIGHBOR has stolen my spot!! The parking spot that he saw me spend 30 minutes clearing! I instantly get raging mad! And I honk my horn outside his house to try to get him to move his car, that doesn't work although a thought I saw his curtains move when I honked. So I calm my self down and get out to walk up to his door and knock to see if I can get him to move his car, he doesn't come to the door but I can clearly hear him inside. Absolutely furious I storm back to my car and park in the next street over and carry my groceries through knee-deep snow and just as I get to my door I see him peek through his curtains across the street... So I go inside and plot my revenge.

I waited until it was about 1 a.m to be sure he was asleep keeping an eye out the entire day to see if he moves his car which he didn't. So I go out with my shovel and I shovel all the snow I could find in a massive radius around his car and pack it tight under his car and around it and a massive pile on top of it! Took me about 2-3 hours you could not see his car anymore and I was 100% sure he couldn't drive out of the pile I packed it SUPER tight I go to bed feeling happy with a job well done! The next morning I wake up to a loud knocking on my door so I get out of bed and go to the door. There he is FURIOUS that his car is in a snow pile and he is going to be late for work and tells me to get my butt outside and dig his car out of the pile. I calmly walk outside look at the pile and say "oh must have snowed again last night unlucky that your car is parked exactly where it all came down" and give him a little smirk to go with the joke, walk back inside and close my door and I can hear him outside for the next hour or so trying to get his car out of the pile...

He hasn't taken my spot since then! Mission complete."

Hope They Learned A Lesson Here
Hope They Learned A Lesson Here

"First, just FYI, in most handicapped parking spots, there is a place next to the parking spot marked off for loading and unloading wheelchairs. In the US, it's usually painted with diagonal stripes.

On to the story:

My son and I were at Walmart, and as I parked, I saw that a new BMW convertible owner decided that that striped spot was set aside for HIM. I looked, and there was no sign of a placard or handicapped tag.

It made me mad, and I stewed about it the whole time we were shopping. When he was still parked there when I came out, I decided to get spiteful.

I found a piece of paper, and left a note on his windshield. It said:

'SO SORRY - I did not mean to scrape your car with my wheelchair. I would leave my contact info, but you were illegally parked, blocking my van. So good luck buffing that out!'

We sat in the car another 20 minutes and waited. Out came this guy that looked like a personal trainer. He came jogging up to his car, chatting on his phone. He saw the note, screamed 'Oh, NOOOO!!' Then he spent the next 20 minutes going over his car, inch by inch. Rubbing every speck of dust or dirt. He was still looking when we left.

Nothing harmed, no damage - just a lesson (hopefully) learned."

Gotta Get To Costco
Gotta Get To Costco

"So I’m at Costco, in need of dog food, and it’s ridiculously busy for a Monday. Barely any parking spots until I spot one at the end of the lot. I make my way down the aisle and am about to turn into the parking spot when a lady RUNS OVER THE CURB and almost hits me to take the spot. Thankfully I tapped my brakes in time or she would have taken off my bumper.

I look up and she is shaking her head and wagging her finger in a 'no' motion at me. What the heck? I was like okay I’ll just wait for her to back up since I’m obviously turning into the spot. She doesn’t. My girlfriend is with me and was mad that the lady wasn’t budging. I gave her my Costco card and just sat in the aisle in a face-off with this lady. She goes inside, gets the dog food, comes back out, and loads up the car. She then pushes the cart into the spot we were waiting for and hops in the car.

The look on the woman’s face was enough to give me satisfaction for a week. She had to get out and move the cart so she could park once I reversed through the entire aisle. Worth it."

Feeling Smug And Justified
Feeling Smug And Justified

"On one summer trip to the grocery store the battle for parking was especially fierce and I was particularly irritated… a dangerous combination.

My GF was driving and as she spied an available spot and signaled her intention to take it… A flying twerp of a driver zipped quickly into it to our astonishment and surprise. We weren't alone, others stopped and watched mouths agape at the wanton disregard of parking etiquette on display…

I was ready to barge out of the door and confront him as he opened his. But, my GF restrained me (though she too was seething mad).

What happened next I can only describe as a combination of very good luck and divine inspiration. As we entered the store, our evil driver had a cart and had gathered about 3 or 4 items in it. Both of his hands filled with melons that he was about to place in the cart...

I walked quickly up to his cart, grabbed the handle, and wheeled it away to the sounds of him saying 'Hey, Hey, that's mine.'

I felt smug and justified. I took the cart 2 isles away and abandoned it with a satisfaction that I have rarely known before or since."

Revenge Donuts Are The Best
Revenge Donuts Are The Best

"This may be the pettiest thing I have ever done.

So in my city there is a pub that's attached to a doughnut shop that serves the best doughnuts in the city (which always causes a long line). Because it's attached to a pub, it doesn't close shop until 9PM as there is a solid flow of business rolling in.

Anyway, my girlfriend and I get a serious hankering for some snacks so we decide to head to the doughnut shop and arrive out around 8:30 PM by car. Now, there are only three parallel parking spots a little up the street from the place, and they are all 15-minute spots which are usually full. We see up the street that, count our lucky stars, a spot is free! My girlfriend pulls a little ahead of the car in front of the spot, turns on her indicator, and begins backing into parking spot when this little white Vespa driving behind us whips into the spot. I roll down our window and call out to the driver, ''scuse me, we were just backing in'. The driver seems to be a pretty univ student who shrugs her shoulders and calls out to me, 'Sorry, first come first serve!' while her and her friend share a good laugh.

My girlfriend suggests we just get doughnuts another time, and I tell her she can drop me off here, I'll buy the doughnuts since I know what she likes, and she can loop around. She agrees, and I pop out of the car, pass the little white Vespa where the girls are still gathering their things, and head to the shop. As always, the line is super long for doughnuts and since this is the last batch, the doughnuts are slim pickins. The girls are behind me looking at the 5 or so different flavors that are left, talking about which ones are best and which they haven't had yet. I hear one of them jokingly mention, 'Thank god we got a parking spot' and they burst out laughing. I get to the front of the line, and when asked for my order, request two dozen doughnuts, which is every last one remaining. The girls behind me didn't listen to what I ordered, but eyebrows of confusion started to form on their faces and they slowly saw each doughnut loaded into the boxes and their options dwindle.

One of them (the driver) in desperation asked the baker who was loading them in, 'What, you're not even gonna save a few for us though?' to which I turned around and said, 'Sorry, first come first serve'. She honestly looked like she just simultaneously solved a movie mystery and pooped her pants, it's difficult to put into words but truly an expression I can never forget.

Best doughnuts I ever tasted (and enjoyed by the rest of my office the next morning)."

No Way LA
No Way LA

"Let me preface this by saying that I live in Los Angeles, so the traffic and parking is usually a nightmare.

I went to the gym after work yesterday and it's in a plaza where the parking lot is horrendous. For the number of popular establishments in the plaza, the parking lot is quite small. LA Fitness, Rite Aid, Smashburger, California Pizza Kitchen, Gamestop, Brazilian Restaurant, Sushi Restaurant, O'Reilly Auto Parts, clothing store, hair products store, tanning salon (or laser hair removal?), nail salon, Yogurtland, boba shop, Coffee Bean, Robeks, Subway....and the parking lot only has about 200 parking spots. Typical wait time for a parking spot during rush hour is about 5-20 minutes unless you get super lucky. Surrounding area is residential and you need a special permit to park on the street after 6PM.

To make matters worse, the parking spots are angled like this. Only one car can fit between the parked cars, so if a car ahead of you is waiting for a spot, then you have to wait. Even if the car idling ahead of you squeezes over to one side, you still can't get around them.

Yesterday, I was making my rounds and about 3 minutes in, I see a guy walking over to his BMW ahead of me and gets in his car with ample room for him to back out and I can take his spot. Score! People who park in this lot are normally very courteous as they understand that the lot is a nightmare. They usually either back out of their spot as quickly as possible or wave off a driver who is waiting for their spot if they are going to take a while. This guy did neither. I sat there for about 3 minutes and the BMW driver showed no signs of starting his car or backing up. I started to feel bad about the car waiting behind me, so I decide to move and try looking for another spot. As soon as I'm about to pass the parked BMW, his reverse lights come on. WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!! The car behind me is on my tail, so I can't back up and my chances of taking that spot are now gone. I move forward a bit more, BMW pulls out, and car behind me takes his spot (which should have been my spot). Now it's just me and the BMW behind me.

A short while down the parking aisle, I see some guy rummaging through his trunk with gym clothes on. I would normally just pass someone like this as there's a 50% chance they had just arrived and looking for their things to take into the gym. Not today. I turned on my blinker and just waited...and waited...and waited. I saw the guy in the BMW behind me try go around, but as mentioned, there's not enough room. I see him anxiously creep forward a couple centimeters at a time trying to signal to me to move. I don't budge. I wait another minute or so until a couple cars are now behind him. I feel bad for those guys, so I slowly move and go to another aisle. The BMW finally has the opportunity to go to the exit and accelerates HARD with a deep VROOOOOM! Oh, were you in a hurry to leave? I couldn't tell by the 3 minutes it took you to get out of the parking spot."

Parking Is Snow Joke
Parking Is Snow Joke

"This happened a couple of years ago. It had snowed a bunch so I went out to clear a spot for my boyfriend at the time for when he got home from work (he's a police officer). I spent a while digging it out, and as I was finishing up some girl drove up and parked in it (while I was still shoveling it!). I told her that I just dug it out intending to use it and asked her to move, and she didn't. She then got out of her car and walked away... Turns out she lived two buildings down so she normally wouldn't park there anyways!

Our complex had a mini snow plow and the dude was plowing in the area and saw this all go down. He helped me move all the snow from the pile he just created and put it all around her car. We buried it up to the door handles on all sides. He then dug out a new spot for me.

Saw her later trying to dig out her car, turns out she didn't have a shovel. So, naturally, because I'm petty I went out and re-shoveled the sidewalk from the lot up to our building, and threw all the snow on her vehicle while I did it. Then went inside and took my shovel with me."

What's With Costco Parking Lots?
What's With Costco Parking Lots?

"Today, I was backing into a parking spot at Costco when someone zipped in from behind and took it from me. No problem I thought, they must not have seen me. I rolled down my window and politely let them know I was going to park there, expecting a sorry. Instead, I got a 'Sorry, too bad!' as she laughed and continued into the store. Instead of letting it ruin my day, I used the shopping carts to box her car in. My friends and I made a nice pile in front of her car. Unfortunately, she left before me so I was unable to see the look on her face when she came back, but I was in a much better mood when I went into the store!"

Witnesses Can Attest, Revenge Was Deserved
Witnesses Can Attest, Revenge Was Deserved

"Neither victim nor perp just a witness to this...

At a store, a man in the front of the line pays and leaves. When I get to the cash register he comes back into the store in a panic. He is complaining about a car in the parking lot. He goes around asking random people if that's their car outside.

I paid and left to witness the awesome act. Mr. Rude Boy had parked in a handicap spot while he went in to buy stuff. A person authorized parking in a handicap spot strategically parked perpendicular to the handicap spot so he couldn't leave.

The icing on the cake I'm pretty sure he was on his break from work as he was some kind of construction trade since he still had his knee pads and dirty clothes on.

I left and he was still stuck there; he deserved it."

A Standoff
A Standoff

"A couple of months ago, during the first half of my workday, my belt broke as I was buckling it back after using the restroom. So, at lunch I run to the local Wally world and pick up a cheap replacement until I can buy a higher quality one. Go in, buy a belt, then head back to my car. I get back to my car and put the belt on while standing at my car.

As I am putting on the belt, I notice a car has stopped in the aisle waiting on me to back out. It was busy and the lot full, but I had lucked into the first spot next to the handicapped space, primo spot. I guess she got annoyed with waiting, and as I was finishing putting my belt on, I guess she thought I had decided just to pee in the parking lot in the middle of the day. She rolls her window down to confront me. She will be IL=idiot lady:

IL: Did you just pee in the parking lot?

Me: What? What are you talking about?

IL: You did! You just peed in this parking lot! Disgusting!

Me: Hey idiot, who the heck pees in the middle of a parking lot? I was putting on a belt I just bought, mind your own business.

IL: Bull, you just peed in the parking lot!

Me: Lady, you are a moron. I hope you aren't planning on getting this parking spot, because you ain't getting it.

IL: Like heck I ain't!

Then the standoff begins. No way am I letting her get this space, even if I have to sit there all afternoon. We sit there 5 minutes, 10 minutes, at least 15 minutes, with her even complaining to a cart wrangler about it (he doesn't do anything of course). Then I see my chance. A big truck parked about 5-6 spots further down the aisle is leaving and needs space to back out, and she is blocking him from doing so. She backs up at bit and also gets closer to the cars on the other side of the aisle so the truck has room to back out. This allows another car coming up the aisle to get behind the truck. I back out of the spot really quick as the truck is backing out, she can't get around the truck to get my spot. The car coming up the aisle gets behind the truck and because IL had moved her car over, the car coming up the aisle goes around her and gets my spot (IL didn't have a turn signal on or anything since she had sat there so long).

I circle back around the next aisle to see her reaction. She lays on the horn and yells at the car who pulled into my spot, she is livid! Red face, cursing, etc. The driver tells her to shut up. In the meantime, another car had come and gotten the space the truck backed out of so IL had to keep circling to find a spot. Man it was sweet."

College Campuses Are Parking Disasters
College Campuses Are Parking Disasters

"I was trying to find a parking spot at my university. The lot was notoriously crowded but my campus didn't have a lot of options. While searching, I saw a Corvette taking up FOUR prime spots near the front of the lot.

After about ten minutes of waiting/looking for a spot one opened up towards the back of the lot. Furious at the nerve of the driver being so inconsiderate, I wrote a note saying, 'Sorry I hit your car, you probably won't even notice the damage' and left it on their windshield. When I got out of class and was headed back to my car, I saw a very stereotypical college aged Corvette owner frantically searching their vehicle while yelling into their phone. I don't know who they were talking to, but I feel bad for them having to deal with this person."

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