Ford has created a throwback from the future. Dubbed Mustang Lithium, it's an all-electric Mustang with a six-speed manual transmission. Unfortunately, the electric muscle car is a one-off but it definitely turned heads at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) trade show in Las Vegas. SEMA is a place known for its industry novelties like last year's electric Chevy Camaro and 2015's Toyota truck limousine. Many of the cars that hit the show don't go further than the concept stage but for those wanting a muscle alternative to a Tesla, the imagination races at the sight of this rare Mustang.

The Mustang Lithium boasts a high tech look with its sting ray grey paint scheme, electric blue accents, and black leather interior. Even more impressive is the machine's 900 horsepower giddy-up from its 800 volt battery, completely outclassing Tesla's Model 3 (518 horsepower). But what is probably the most surprising thing about this pet project is its manual transmission which is a rare sight on most vehicles today especially electric cars which are usually single gear. But there's nothing quite as satisfying as rolling that gearbox from fourth to fifth as you streak down the highway. Though it's unclear if the Mustang Lithium will ever leave the showroom for the streets, it's an old school on the electric car. Something old mixed with something new, but still an instant classic.

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