A few years ago, diesel truck drivers got all excited by the idea of protesting...something, by "rolling coal" on Prius owners. They WERE protesting something, correct? Or do they just hate electric cars so much that they thought expelling a bunch of toxic black smoke into the faces of the owners of those cars was the best idea ever? Because it brought the major "lols?" That was never really very clear.

Now those same types - guys in diesel duallies and the like - think it's funny or productive or... again, it's not too clear here what the purpose is other than to just make a bunch of people you've never met mad, to park their trucks in front of Telsa charging stations preventing owners from juicing up their cars.

Just what is going on here? Is it tribal politics? Is it fear of the future? Is it just plain bullying? No matter what, it was a clear case of intimidation.

The charging station was at a truck stop in Hickory, North Carolina and not only were the truck owners blocking the station, they apparently didn't think that got their full point across, so they chanted "F Tesla" at a Tesla owner when he attempted to pull in.

The process, which apparently is called "ICE-ing," is a statement against...again, we're at a loss here. For what it's worth, "ICE'ing" stands for "Internal Combustion Engine".

So what's the reason?? Is it just that they assume anyone driving a Tesla is a "commie" or a "treehugger" or something else they been brainwashed to assume is the worst thing in the world? Is it simply just a bunch of morons fighting for something they don't have to fight for - the right to own a truck? It's all very confusing. I'm sure those that took part in the "protest" feel like they've made their daily contribution to the Global Climate Chance Rapid Advancement Committee. Or something. (We made that committee up, by the way).

Eventually, the men left and calm was restored. It's still not clear why they thought it was such an awesome idea.

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