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Sometimes danger can be lurking around the corner when you least expect it, and these unfortunate people were victim to some heinous crimes.

That Sounds A Lot Like Attempted Murder


That Sounds A Lot Like Attempted Murder

"My ex-boyfriend beat me, threw me in the back of my car, and purposely crashed it in an attempt to kill me. He nearly succeeded. I was nearly paralyzed, was in ICU for a few days, and couldn't walk for six months. I'll probably be disabled for the rest of my life.

He was an abusive jerk, and I think he did it because he figured out that I finally realized I was better than that and I was about to leave him. That and he was jealous I had a car and he didn't, and I had a better job. He wrote me from prison, saying he 'can't remember' why he crashed the car but that it wasn't on purpose. Yeah, no, he yelled that he was going to murder me.

I'm still alive though, and in a very happy relationship. Though I'll never be able to move like I did before, I'm much happier."

Well, That Won't Earn You The Grandparent Of The Year Award


Well, That Won't Earn You The Grandparent Of The Year Award

"I was kidnapped as a toddler. My mom was a teenager when she had me, and her mom was convinced that she wouldn't be able to care for me. She insisted that my mom allow her to adopt me. My mom, having suffered years of abuse by her mom - including being given to a violent abuser as a child - told her to get lost. Lawyers got involved, CPS got involved. Thankfully CPS saw that my mom was taking excellent care of me and saw my grandmother's extensive file with them, and refused to hand me over. A few weeks later my grandfather, who my mom was still on speaking terms with, asked my mom for permission to take me to the park. My mom agreed on the condition that my grandmother not be there. My grandparents immediately took me into Mexico. By the time my mom realized something was wrong we were already across the border. My mom called the police, who immediately told her there was nothing they could do. She called the Tijuana police, who told her that an American baby was not their problem.

About two weeks later my mom got a call from her sister's husband, informing her that my grandparents were back in town to get some things from their house and to run errands, so they dropped me off with them. My aunt was on my grandparents' side and refused to tell my mom, so her husband snuck out to call (complicated family history, but my grandmother basically pitted the kids against each other, and my mom being the youngest, disabled, and my grandfather's first biological child made her the biggest target). My parents, by this point, had formed a small group of my dad's friends and were about to leave to kidnap me back, so they all rushed over to my aunt's house instead. The guys broke down the door and held all three of my aunts back until my mom found me in a back bedroom and got me out of there. I know what kind of woman my grandmother was, so I'm terrified to think about what would have happened if my parents hadn't gotten me back.

As for my hero uncle who made the call, he was pretty much done with my crazy aunt and the rest of the family by this time. She was furious that he ratted her out, but he just didn't care. They divorced a few months later."

Beating In The New Year

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Beating In The New Year

"I was mugged and beaten. I was walking with a friend to the local bar a few days before New Year's Eve when we were jumped by a group of about six guys. I was hit in the head with a blackjack and saw more stars than just in the clear winter sky. I came to on the bitter frozen ice with six juveniles doing their best Pele impersonation on me and I was the ball. The entire duration I was repeatedly reminded how 'they were getting one back for their race' and 'how I would be paying with my white blood.'

The hardest part was even though they got a new cellphone and $300 cash, they continued to inflict lethal injury. One attacker took my wallet, took the cash and threw the wallet in my bloody face reminding me 'you're going to need this to remember what your honky face used to look like.' After what seemed like ages, a few students were coming home from a party and were able to scare them off with the threat of cops being called.

My friend had been lucky enough to be in front and fell into the street and was able to run away. Sadly he never did get help as the heat of the moment caused a terror attack and was unable to think clearly. Arriving at the hospital the nurses and doctors in the trauma wing had assessed that my injuries were the product of being T-boned as a passenger in an auto crash. Only when the detective told them the details of the assault were they able to rectify their diagnosis.

All in all, I ended up suffering from a collapsed lung, four broken ribs, a bruised liver, punctured spleen and various bruises and lacerations. I was told later it was a gang initiation and that during college's winter break there was a proclivity for violence. I'd be lying if I said it didn't mess me up pretty good for a while. I lost a semester of college because of it and left me with PTSD for a couple of years that I self-medicated as a treatment. Probably should have seen a therapist but I kept having flashbacks. Luckily after healing, I suffered no real permanent injuries other than the random sore rib which I've been told really never fully heal. I was smart enough to cover my face and crawl into a ball which kept me from any permanent scarring."

His Uncle Won't Be Babysitting Anytime Soon


His Uncle Won't Be Babysitting Anytime Soon

"I had a crazy waste of an uncle try to kill me for no reason.

Back when 'Super Smash Bros' first came out on Nintendo 64, my friend and I were glued to it. One night I had him over for a sleepover. We were like 13 or 14 years old. My mom got my uncle to babysit as she got called into work, didn't want to leave us unsupervised, and had no one else to turn to.

My uncle was always a real jerk. I remember him just coming into my room and yelling at me for no reason when I was like 5. He was ex-military, black belt, severe issues with the bottle.

So this jerk comes over, I didn't even hear him there. He drank a whole fifth of Jack Daniels, fell out of a chair, and apparently it was my fault. I just heard him yelling my name, and I told my friend I would be right back. So I went out and he flipped a table and flipped out because I didn't help him back into his chair when I didn't even know he was at my apartment.

So I said, 'It's not my fault you're wasted and fell, I didn't even know you were here,' and he flipped out and slammed me through a window. So there I was, glass all sticking out of my back, looking down three stories, and all that was stopping me from falling was a guy who was beyond wasted.

Luckily the neighbors heard what was going on before I even came out of my room and called the cops. The cops showed up, and my uncle pulled me in at this exact moment and they immediately put him in cuffs.

I went over after and thanked my neighbors and explained if they didn't call the cops, he probably would have killed me. I've always hated living in such close proximity to other people, but this time it saved my life.

My uncle died when he was 50. He drank too much, and the bottle eventually ended him."

She Didn't Want Anyone To Know


She Didn't Want Anyone To Know

"I was followed home from a club and violated by a stranger.

I was traveling and staying in a city. I went on a pub crawl with people I met on Couch Surfing's new 'hang it, meet up' feature. I had lots of friends who traveled and did similar things and said pub crawls were a great way to meet people when traveling alone.

There was a guy who was being annoying. He kept being pushy and wouldn't back off. Normally, I am ok with guys who are just wasted and handsy, but this guy was bad enough I asked another guy to step in and help. He said something to the guy, and he kind of backed off, so I thought it was ok. As the night went on, the whole pub crawl got decently wasted then I ended up feeling tired, so I left to go back to my flat. I walked home since it wasn't too far, and the guy from the bar followed me. He pushed in behind the door to the building before it latched and started grabbing me and what not. I was severely under the influence, so I was not doing a great job at fighting him off. I clearly remember him saying, 'stop saying no, this is going to happen,' throughout the whole ordeal.

The worst part was I had always considered myself fairly tough, but when actually in that situation, I just froze. The amount of shame I felt about not fighting the guy off and just going along with it was indescribable. I didn't want anyone to ever know. I didn't go to the police. I didn't tell my partner. I kind of fell apart, but friends noticed something was up, got me to open up, and encouraged me to see a counselor."

All Of That Over A Phone?


All Of That Over A Phone?

"This happened in April 2015.

I had just left my friend's house, wasted, waiting for my bus to go back home. It was 1 a.m. I was listening to music, minding my own business. After standing at the bus station alone for about 15 minutes, this guy appeared out of nowhere next to me and asked me something. I couldn't hear what he was saying because of my headphones, so I took them off. With my iPhone in my right hand, I said, 'Sorry?' He replied by saying, 'Can I...' and grabbed my iPhone at the speed of light before he ran away, crossing the big empty boulevard. Without thinking I started running after him, screaming at the top of my lungs.

He went straight to the parking lot facing the bus stop and jumped in his car. I opened the rear door and jumped in. He came out of the car, opened my door, pulled me out like I was a piece of cloth, and jumped right in, but I get the time to jump back in the rear seat. He started driving, turned left twice and went like 70-80 km/h on a residential street. At this point, I was beyond terrified and started crying uncontrollably. I took out $80 and tried to negotiate with him

Me: 'Here's $80. Please take it, you can give me my iPhone back.'

Him: 'Give the $80.'

Me: 'NO! Give me my iPhone back and I'll give you $80. You can steal money from someone else and get enough cash to buy a brand new iPhone.'

Him: 'Give the $80.'

He tried to reach the money I was holding, so I put it back in my wallet. I got extremely angry because he didn't care. I hit him several times in the head but not too much, because I knew that he would knock me out in a single hit if he tried. I started screaming non-stop. From this point until the end of the attack, I didn't stop screaming. We were surrounded by houses so I wanted someone to wake up and call the police.

He got out of his car and tried to pull me out. I held the top of the front seat as hard as I could but he was strong and managed to pull me out. He then tried to strangle me by putting his arm around my neck. I stopped moving to make him believe he knocked me out. He left me there, opened the rear door to lock it and went back to the front seat. I had the time to stand up, grab his door before he closed it, and sat on him. He started driving fast again and the door was open. If he pushed me, I would fall out and get crushed under the wheels and die.

I honked the horn non-stop or at least tried to. He put one of his hands on my mouth so I stopped screaming but I bit one of his fingers. Then he crushed my fingers so I stopped honking. I turned my head a bit and his face was really close to mine so I spit on him. I screamed at him 'You like spit huh???'

I tried to stop the car without success. Then he crashed into a parked car, but not enough to stop us completely. He went back on the street and started driving fast again. After a few more minutes of struggle, the police arrived and started screaming at him: 'LET HER GO LET HER GO.' I got out of the car, crying, shaking, everything. They arrested him, I filled out a report and got my iPhone back. I even got my headphones and glasses back that fell out on the ground when I ran after him in the parking lot.

The following week I had bruises everywhere on my legs and I couldn't sleep. Had trouble walking for 4-5 days too.

I know what I did is extremely dangerous, but I gotta admit, I'm glad I did it (especially since I didn't get badly injured). It wasn't the guy's first time. An agent from a crime victim association told me that he was a junkie -- he stole people's stuff to sell it so he could get his fix.

I'm glad I'm the one who got him arrested. His situation is quite sad, but at least he'll think twice before committing another crime... hopefully."

Lucky Is An Understatement

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Lucky Is An Understatement

"My mother co-owned a computer company with my dad in the late '80s to early '90s. A man walked in one day using a dark umbrella to cover his face. Before my mother had time to react, he was shouting at everyone in the office to get down on their stomachs. Her employees in the storage/garage were already bound and gagged by his partners. They started stealing all the merchandise in the store. As they were leaving, he shot my mother in the back. We believe it was to distract from the robbery.

She is okay today. The bullet hit just next to her spine though so the doctors thought she would never be able to walk. Luckily for all of us, she's walking but with a slight limp.

But she was pretty close to death for about a week. The hospital didn't discharge her for two years.

Sad part is they never caught the guy. They didn't have cameras because it wasn't really a thing back then for small businesses, and he was wearing a ski mask so no one knew what he looked like."

What Makes This Not A Hate Crime?


What Makes This Not A Hate Crime?

"I was the victim of battery and assault on a college campus. Back in college, I went to see a performance of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' as an assignment in a drama/theater class, and three friends came with me.

The play ended around 9 pm, so it was dark, and the campus was mostly empty. We were walking back to the car when someone drove by and screamed the N-word at us. One person in our group was Indian but could look black at night. Upsetting, but the car turned off ahead and we kept walking. When we got to the spot where the car turned, four men jumped out from around the corner and started yelling at us about how we disrespected them. This was all very confusing and scary, so we started backing away. One guy threw a punch and hit me in the jaw. Now all four of them were in attack mode, so we all turned and ran.

When I circled back, the four attackers were gone and my Indian friend was badly hurt and sitting dazed on the curb. When we ran, he froze up and they beat him badly. We all thought he ran away with the rest of us. We stuck around and gave a statement to the police while someone from the department gave my friend a ride to the hospital. When I got to visit him, his parents were there. His mom was upset but happy we stayed with him and notified the police. His dad was more upset that we didn't stay and fight back.

A few days later he had facial reconstructive surgery, and the surgeon informed his parents that the attack almost killed him. The injuries were too severe to be from regular punches and he suspected that at least one of the attackers used brass knuckles. There was a bone shard that pointed inward and one more hit to the face would have pushed it into his brain and probably killed him.

Meanwhile, campus police virtually ignored the incident and it was outside of the jurisdiction of city police. The police chief informed us that our case was low priority due to recent hate crimes on campus. You see, the LGBT Resources Center was vandalized the day before and left with graffiti of swastikas and lightning bolts. She also refused to categorize our incident as a hate crime, because she claimed that the N-word wasn't hateful enough since our friend wasn't black (as if the attackers somehow knew that) and because it had become 'socially acceptable in certain racial demographics.' The university chancellor backed her play and ignored our case. Sure, the hate vandalism of the LGBT center was horrible, but no one was assaulted or beaten within an inch of their life, were they? I felt vindicated when the police chief resigned in shame a year later after a certain well known pepper spray incident."

The Wrong Kind Of School List

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The Wrong Kind Of School List

"A kid in middle school was expelled for having hit lists that went into detail about him shooting and assaulting about 20% of the students and staff. I was pulled aside and informed that I was on a hit list of a kid I had never spoken to but attended school with since kindergarten. He lived a couple streets away but I chalked it up to jealousy or something and assumed I wasn't a high priority since I never did anything to him.

A couple of weeks later stuff started going missing from our carport like a road bike, yard decorations, and a chair. We told the police but nothing serious happened with no evidence so nobody was pursued or caught. A few days later I was out front of my house skateboarding alone late at night when he popped out from behind my dad's truck with a weapon pointed at me. I hid behind my mother's Volvo waiting for him to get close then I jumped out and beat the living crap out of him with a skateboard. Turns out he wanted to murder me because I had the same last name as him which he blamed for all of his misfortunes somehow.

He was sent to a mental institution, but his family still lives close to my parents' house."

You Might Want To Rethink The Whole Crime Thing


You Might Want To Rethink The Whole Crime Thing

"I was once a victim of a carjacking, but they kept us inside the car while they sat in the back seats trying to figure out what to do with us. I was pretty sure they were going to kill us. They beat the ever living crap out of my buddy sitting in the passenger seat and robbed us. Eventually, we talked them into just getting out and accept the cash they had.

Funny thing, though. These two guys were so cracked out of their skulls that one of them didn't recognize me. I had ridden the school bus with this guy for years. It made it pretty easy to just go to the police station and give up his name and home address."

Don't Get Caught Up With Bikers


Don't Get Caught Up With Bikers

"I was fooling around with a guy and while we were getting messed up he would tell me all sorts of stuff. I woke up one day and decided to get my life together, so I did a total 180 - no drinking or substances and I stopped hanging out with my former friends. So this dumb-dumb starts complaining to his biker friend about how he shared so much with me and his biker friend realized I knew a lot. So the biker friend told him to take care of it. And he tried to kill me.

The dumbest part is that I didn't remember anything about the biker, nor did I care. The funniest part is that this case gave the cops enough to go into the biker's restaurant and get him shut down for the gambling and other illegal acts. The worst part is that no one (except the cops who arrested him) believed me. The neighborhood thought it was just a squabble between lovers and that an argument had just escalated.

History is on my side, but people coming up to me 10 years later and saying they believe me doesn't fix how hard it was back then."

And None Of It Was Covered


And None Of It Was Covered

"We were all out for a party (my mom's birthday), and our house was burglarized. The thing was since people were drinking, we took a taxi, and my mom's car keys got chucked onto the stairs as we ran out the door.

The burglars broke in through the back, then took the keys, unlocked the door, loaded our stuff into the car, and drove off. To anyone looking, it wouldn't have been suspicious, they were using the keys for god's sake!

They were really weird people though. My DS case was in the living room. They opened it, took the console, but left the case and games. They took my brother's Xbox, leaving the games next to it. Took a laptop, leaving the iPod that was plugged into it.

They left around $50 cash just in the kitchen, which is where they'd stole the laptop.

We didn't have home insurance, but had car insurance, but when asked 'what was in your car when it was stolen?' saying 'The contents of my house' isn't gonna work."

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