Celebrities often have way more money than sense and while many celebrities have great style, others, it's questionable. Take, for example, the cars owned by these following stars. They are, without a doubt, some of the most ridiculous cars you've ever laid eyes on.


Dennis Rodman's Hummer has got to be one of the ugliest cars in the world.

Is Chris Brown's Lambo camouflage? What exactly is this paint job?

Paris Hilton's famous pink Bentley. And no, it's not because she sold a lot of Mary Kay, it's because she has terrible taste in car colors.

Justin Bieber has a lot of cars and this one is one of the more insane looking ones. No leopards were harmed in the painting of this Audi. We hope.

Tyga has quite a few...um...interesting looking cars, but the gold chrome look on his Lamborghini is pretty special.

We told you that Justin Bieber had a bunch of cars. This crazy chromed-out Fisker Karma also happens to be street ILLEGAL because it just might blind the other drivers. That's right, it's too dangerous for other drivers and not just because Bieber has a history of road rage.

Flo Rida takes chrome to the next level with his $1 million+ Bugatti in gold chrome makes a lot of people blow a lot of whistles.

DEADMAU5 calls this ugly Lambo his "Purrican." The name is worse than the paint job.

Austin Mahone has given his ride the distressed look. That might work for a new dresser, not so much with a Beamer.

So there is it, the most insane cars out there. You can definitely file most of these in the "more money than style" file, right?

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