Three bank robbers, known by the FBI as the “Halo Bandits” took the police on a high speed chase through the Dallas Metroplex one morning in January. That in and of itself isn’t usually newsworthy; high speed chases happen all the time. What makes this one different is that it turned in a Bird Box challenge of sorts for the drivers. And the footage is insane.

The pursuit started at around 11am, and was quickly picked up by local news, who followed the chase to its conclusion. Just three or four minutes into the chase, the hood on the suspects’ car popped open and slammed against the windshield. It stayed there, blocking the view of the driver, for the remainder of the chase. Which, if we’re honest, made for some pretty impressive driving, weaving in and out of traffic on freeways and local roads. Not that we condone this in any way, but still, it’s impressive.

It got even more impressive when you find out he ran over a spike strip.

It’s not clear in the video when it happened, but at some point, the car hit some spike strips. It may have been before the video picks up but a few minutes in, it’s clear the car’s right rear tire is deflating quickly. Eventually, he loses the hubcap and at various points, bits of tire. By the end of the chase, it looks like he is driving on the rim. Again, not that we at Odometer condone it, but it’s impressive!

Eventually, the car reaches its natural end, but the chase doesn’t stop right away.

Once the car finally comes to a stop, 15 minutes or so into the chase, the suspects all jump out of the car and make a dash for it.

The driver is caught right away and the other two are caught after running a short distance, but there is some excellent footage of the police releasing the hounds and the SWAT team joining in on the fun.

The gang was wanted by the FBI for multiple bank robberies and we're all happy that this dangerous crew is off the streets.

Check out the full video below!

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