That's One Reason To Use A Bolt Action Rifle
That's One Reason To Use A Bolt Action Rifle

"There was this old fella with one arm. He was in for shooting a guy in the back. They had been stealing his social security checks and the police wouldn't do anything. He waited for them, and blew those two motherfuckers away, but since he shot one in the back, he was screwed. It was a bolt action rifle too, huh. I liked him and thought he should be in an old folks home playing checkers" Source

"I Guess The Police Figured They Had A Black Guy Driving The Right Car..."

He was arrested in the early 60s for allegedly robbing a store and killing a white woman. There were eye witnesses there stating it was a local man by the name of Perry. The make and color of the car was also reported. Said car is tracked down being driven by our inmate, Miller. They immediately arrest Miller and charge him, even though this is a different man than eye witness reports. But this is where it gets weird. Instead of charging him as Miller, they call him Perry and charge him under that name. His legal name, which even appears on the back of his DOC ID is Miller, but he's on our count boards and computers as Perry. I guess the police figured they had a black guy driving the right car, good enough. He is still trying to file appeals and such, but he's so institutionalized he wouldn't even know what to do if he got out. He also absolutely hates when you call him Perry" Source

"Arrested For Almost A Month Accused Of Raping His 8 Year-Old Stepdaughter And His 6 Year-Old Son..."

"I worked with a guy who was arrested for almost a month accused of raping his 8 year-old stepdaughter and his 6 year-old son. Police handcuffed him in front of everybody that was working with him, his face was shown on TV and everything. While he was in jail, I heard stories about him, about how he used to stare at the kids playing near where we worked etc. Well, as it turned out, he was innocent. The only reason he was in jail for so long without any evidence was because the one accusing him was his wife and she had a brother who is a cop. He made sure to keep him arrested as long as he could, using his influence. Also, the chief officer was a woman, and I think she was kind of pre-determined to think he was guilty. Anyway, he shared his cell with a bunch of really dangerous people, but early on the inmates thought he was innocent and told him not to worry, that nobody would hurt him. After he got out of jail, he sued the TV Channels, got a better job (that pays him more and nobody knows about his past) and the last time I heard about him he was fighting for the custody of the kids. I hope he wins, because I can't imagine the kids living with that horrible mother}

"The Case Of The Three Strikes Law..."

"The closest I know of someone actually being innocent was the case of the three strikes law. He was a bouncer at a bar, and broke up a fight. Steps outside with the doorman and there happens to be a news reporter there reporting about the nightlife, and they ask for a interview. He said no thank you. Cameraman keeps filming, and is asked to stop. He gets all high and mighty on his freedom of the press speech and shoves the camera in the bouncer's face. Natural reaction, bouncer palms the camera lens and pushes the cameraman away. Well, he did it with some force, but by no means with any malicious intent. Viewfinder hits the cameraman above the eye, and cuts his forehead, he immediately screams causing the two police officers on the other side of the road come running over. One officer ends up recognizing the bouncer and arrests him for malicious wounding, a felony. This is the bouncer's third felony and therefore is immediately sent to prison upon being found guilty. Did an extra ten years for the three strikes law. If anyone else had done the same thing, I feel like the responding officers wouldn't have arrested them" Source

"There's a man doing 15 years currently who claims he was framed, and I believe him..."

"There's a man doing 15 years currently who claims he was framed, and I believe him. He's been there 6 years now. He used to have a huge drug problem (pills and heroin), and all of his life he struggled with a bad stutter. Since getting to prison and being sober and working with doctors at the facility, his stutter has gotten better, but it's still a struggle. What happened was, he was high as shit, and his buddies took him to rob a couple houses, then left him at one of the houses and called the police. The man stepped outside after becoming more coherent and was suddenly surrounded by police. Nothing was stolen from the house he was found at, but police found stolen property from 4 other houses in his garage about 15 miles away, so the police charged him with a total of 5 burglaries that occurred in the area over the course of two weeks. He says he took the fall for it out of fear nobody would understand him, and that he was so high, he doesn't remember if he even did anything wrong. He took the blame out of loyalty, and feared that if he didn't, he would get killed. He quietly does his time, believing that being there is obviously a sign from God that he needed to be punished for something, and that if he didn't end up there, he knows he'd probably be dead by now" Source

Texas Law Takes Its Toll
Texas Law Takes Its Toll

There was a pretty high profile case where four guys burned down the owner of a gas station's house so he would be forced to move all of his liquidised money into his store. They then robbed the store and killed the cash register attendant and a delivery man for no reason. During all of this, one of the guys has a cousin who calls him around the time of the offense. Guy is a professional body builder, makes cover of magazines, has a wife and makes good money. Bodybuilder's cousin, who is involved in the crime, is low life thug. Because Texas, anyone who is involved in a capitol murder, even if they don't pull the trigger, can be charged the same. They accuse the bodybuilder of being the get away driver. What I failed to mention is the about of money they stole was around 10k. So about 2k per person. Why would bodybuilder risk everything in his life for two grand? Never made sense to me.

Lawyer Neglect & An Overprotective Father
Lawyer Neglect & An Overprotective Father

"We had one guy who was a normal blue collar type who missed a child support payment. Then his lawyer didn't tell him about an upcoming court appointment and he was given 30 days in jail. The lawyer admitted to not telling him but the judge wasn't having any of it. Another guy in my institution is in his late 60's and has a sparkling clean record but is in on manufacturing of a substance charges. His son has had several charges in the same thing before so we all think that he took the charge to keep his son from doing time"Source

David Boyce
David Boyce

"The inmates that you don't want to believe did it will usually admit it to you. The inmates that lie all the time will blame it on someone else. "Well, Boogie was out with Money, and Shante didn't like Boogie. Money killed Boogie, and I took the wrap for it." You hear shit like that all day. However, there was one inmate would was in for over 20 years with a life sentence that was released after new evidence showed he really didn't do it. He's now writing a book and attempting to sue the state. David Boyce, exonerated in 2013" Source

"The Bishop Called The Cops And Said He Was A Pedophile..."

"Had a friend who was Mormon, and when he turned 18 he was having a moral conflict because his gf was still only 17 despite the fact they had been dating for three years. He talked to his Mormon bishop about it and the bishop called the cops and said he was a pedophile and was molesting a minor. He ended up doing 4 years prison and lifetime parole/registered sex offender for life" Source

"I Did A Tour Of Detainee Operations In Iraq..."

"As part of my job I had access to the records that described the nature of their 'arrest.' Some of them were actual shitheads: attacks on coalition forces and the like. But some of them had no business being locked up, let alone locked up for 5 plus years. Some of them just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Others had crossed some of the coalition-backed local governors and had been locked up on their word alone. Take it for what it's worth but one guy told me he had slept with an official's daughter and had spent 4 years there because the official made up a story about him helping Al-Qaeda. He could have been lying but his record was pretty suspect" Source

A Falsified Child Molestation Charge Gone Horribly Wrong
A Falsified Child Molestation Charge Gone Horribly Wrong

"Possibly the worst case I ever saw involved a man whose daughter was molested at her day care. The perpetrator, the husband of the lady who ran the day care, had molested several children there. After the trial, the day care owner claimed that the father of one of the victims had molested her child several years earlier. The cops asked him to come down to the station to talk about it. Having done nothing wrong, he agreed. After talking to him for hours, the police nevertheless believed they had a case against him. He was arrested, could not make bail, and sat in jail for a year. He intended to go to trial, but on the day of the trial the prosecutor offered him a deal: plead guilty, get time served, go home that day. He agreed, pled guilty, got 4 years. Working in a prison gave me a front-row seat to the awfulness of the criminal justice system. Most people in prison really were career criminals and very bad people, but the wrongful convictions were horrifying. I will never agree to talk to the police under any circumstances, and I have no faith in the benevolence of prosecutors or judges" Source

Do NOT Bring Medical Marijuana To Arizona
Do NOT Bring Medical Marijuana To Arizona

"Guy who was sentenced to 10 years for possession of medical marijuana from another state while vacationing at a lake in AZ. Got arrested for possession with intent to distribute, since they were rolled into individual joints inside his prescription bottle" Source

"He Should Have Done Something About It As They Drove Away..."

"Worst in my time was probably the 18 year old kid who was convicted of 2nd degree murder, with the weapon used listed as 'car.' He was passenger of a car who hit and ran someone, the cops caught up with them and he was sentenced because they ruled that he should have done something about it as they drove away" Source

"The Hospital Wouldn't Let Him Leave..."

"Was a guard a few years ago, had an inmate in who was in for a parole violation, why he received his PV was he was on his way to it, got in a bad car wreck and broke his collarbone and two ribs. Hospital wouldn't let him leave to go to his parole officer, but tried calling to get him out this time, but his parole officer said 'too bad. If he does not show up today, he will go back to jail.' Needless to say three days later he walks out the hospital, to be immediately arrested and put in jail" Source

A Financial Adviser, Suddenly Turned Drug-Dealing Felon
A Financial Adviser, Suddenly Turned Drug-Dealing Felon

"This guy was a financial adviser for a big name company so he had his shit together. (Black guy, nice car) He was giving a friend a ride and it turns out his friend was selling drugs. The driver had no idea his friend was selling drugs. Long story short, the guy gets pulled over for a traffic violation and the drugs are found on his friend in multiple baggies ready for distribution. He gets hit with a felony for transporting the dealer. Before you call bullshit on these stories and say these guys are lying, I am able to look up all the information on these guys all the way back to the initial police report" Source

"The Girl Set Him Up Big Time, And Even Admitted It After He Was Given 8 Years..."

"I know of one guy who is innocent on a rape charge. The girl set him up big time; she was laughing about it in fact. They were having some kinky sex and using a few toys along with rope. She had bruises, rope marks, and shit all over here. Went to the police an hour after he left and said she was rape, he tied her up, abused her etc. When he was being interviewed he was laughing. He thought it was a joke because it's something they both agreed on. As it got more and more serious and court dates were set, DNA was taken etc. he couldn't believe it. Dude got 8 years and can't handle it inside. Want to know what's worse? She's tried to visit him numerous times" Source

"The Stepson Called The Cops On Him Mid-way Through The Service..."

"An old man who was 74 and no priors come in on a assault 4 domestic violence, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest. All because he got emotional and pushed his step-son at his wife's funeral (step-son's mother), made a scene and refused to leave when the cops showed up to arrest him after the stepson called the cops on him mid-way through the service. Step-son was a regular in our facility for theft and apparently told the old man, that essentially he was happy she passed so that he could get her stuff. He was guilty of the Assault IV, but a little tact and compassion would have gone a long ways to avoid the other charges from taking place" Source

"He Was Plastered On The Sex Offender List" Over A Lie

"There was 19 year old kid in there that was one of the nicest most respectful people you'd ever meet. Basically he had to serve an entire year with us because his ex-girlfriend and her family lied about something involving sex, and he ended up in jail and on the sex offender list. He wasted an entire year of his youth in jail and was plastered on the sex offender list. Shortly after he got out he went through an appeal process, took a polygraph and was found innocent. He was removed from the sex offender registry, but still had wasted a year of his life in jail for something he didn't do. I saw him a few months after and he was doing much better and said he got a good job. I kindly and professionally advised him he stay away from the crazy-ass bitches. He laughed and told me he learned his lesson"

"The Girl's Family Visited Him Every Weekend Until He Was Transferred..."

"19 year old kid at my facility was sentenced 10 years for manslaughter and dui. Kid was 17 at the time of the accident. Swerved to miss a deer, lost control and ended up hitting a tree. Killed his gf who was in the passenger seat. Kid blows a .02 on the breathalyzer. Not impaired what so ever, but he was under the age of 21 (legal drinking age) and was still given a dui which led to the manslaughter charge. I guess this is just more of an example of the f'ed up system in place. The girl's family visited him every weekend until he was transferred" Source

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