Spoilers are meant to reduce the drag on a car while racing, that’s why almost all performance cars have one. Yet, you still see everyday cars covered with spoilers for absolutely no reason. The reason behind this: these people just want to look as dumb as possible. Check out these 17 spoilers that will leave you scratching your head in disbelief.

1. Overcompensation

You probably bought that Porsche to make up for a few *ahem* shortcomings. Why not make it more obvious with this ridiculously large spoiler?

Bat Wings
2. Bat Wings

Might as well add a gaudy spoiler to your GT-R. It's not like you spent $100,000 on it for it to NOT stand out. 

Drying Rack Spoiler
3. Drying Rack Spoiler

When you're in a pinch, this spoiler can be used to dry your wet clothes. What other reason could there be for this monstrosity?

It's Not Big Enough
4. It's Not Big Enough

When the spoiler is almost as big as the car, it's doing more harm than good. 

White Stallion
5. White Stallion

We're assuming they tried to copy the majestic look of a flowing stallion mane — and failed miserably. 

Somethings Not Right Here
6. Somethings Not Right Here

A spoiler on the front AND the back?! This takes the downforce obsession level to new heights.

The Name Says It All
7. The Name Says It All

The Poser Mobile is fitting for this ugly car. They are just trying to fit in with all the cool kids, but never quite seem to get it right. 

Curved For Your Pleasure
8. Curved For Your Pleasure

Not only is the spoiler probably the most expensive part of this car — it might be uglier than the car itself. 

Who Thought This Was Cool?
9. Who Thought This Was Cool?

All the other Civic owners are putting wings on their cars, might as well join in. It doesn't matter that your car is old as f*ck.


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Sure, Why Not?
10. Sure, Why Not?

There's no better way to add value to your old beater than adding a super sick spoiler. Plus, now you can show all drive-thru and bridge clearances who is boss.

DIY Project
11. DIY Project

Money is pretty tight these days for rednecks. This one really wanted a spoiler for his car, so he did what he does best — by making it himself.

Trucks Need Aerodynamics Too
12. Trucks Need Aerodynamics Too

That spoiler sure helped Billy-Jo reduce the drag on his Dodge — you know, minus the truck bed and everything. And you're damn right it's got a Hemi. 

Batman Has Gone Overboard
13. Batman Has Gone Overboard

There's no way Bruce Wayne would drive something this obvious. The Joker has to be behind this disaster.

Expensive Spoiler For An Expensive Car
14. Expensive Spoiler For An Expensive Car

The car is missing a wheel, which thankfully might mean we won't be seeing it on the road anytime soon. Maybe while they're in the shop someone with brains will take that god-awful spoiler off too. 

It's A Cute Little Handle
15. It's A Cute Little Handle

When you are done playing with your little car, the spoiler doubles as a handle. That way, you can easily tuck it away in your pocket before the real cars show up.

Legs For Days
16. Legs For Days

This is the only time anything resembling a woman will ever touch this car. At least the spoiler's legs look great.

Sweet Upgrades, Bro
17. Sweet Upgrades, Bro

The addition of the spoiler on the bed cover ties this whole thing together. You can never have too much of a good thing, right?

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