There’s nothing a redneck loves more than their vehicle — well, except maybe beer. These cars are just an extension of themselves, and their perhaps beer-influenced creativity, and boy does it show. Check out these 19 cars that let their redneck flags fly.

Redneck RV
1. Redneck RV

Now that's a mobile home! 

Redneck Tank
2. Redneck Tank

This one is actually pretty sweet. Who else can say their car is ready for war?

Redneck Trike
3. Redneck Trike

Love riding your classic John Deere? Transform that bad boy in to a sick trike and get all of the women.

Redneck Sidecar
4. Redneck Sidecar

Dirt bikes don't need to be fancy. Why throw a nice sidecar on there when you can save money and make your own — with a lawnchair?

Redneck Convertible
5. Redneck Convertible

Cars shouldn't be the only ones having all the fun. Chop that top off your truck and let the wind blow through your hair — or, what's left of it.

Redneck Batmobile
6. Redneck Batmobile

Batman doesn't only protect Gotham anymore. He saves the day in the trailer park too — and he likes to fit in when he does.

Redneck Boat
7. Redneck Boat

Forget the trailer. This boat can drive straight in to the lake — or so everyone says.

Redneck Firebird
8. Redneck Firebird

Don't let your car hold you back from going muddin'. Put a sweet lift kit on there and tear it up.

Redneck Paint Job
9. Redneck Paint Job

These colors don't run — the John Deere colors that is. The rebel flags, however, let you know a redneck is behind the wheel.

Redneck Radiator
10. Redneck Radiator

Who has the time and money to get a new radiator put in? Obviously not these people.

Redneck Limo
11. Redneck Limo

You can try to make it look as clean and fancy as you want, but in the end it's still going to scream redneck no matter what.

Redneck Backseat Driver Countermeasures
12. Redneck Backseat Driver Countermeasures

You can only fit four or five of your buddies in the cab with you. That obnoxious sixth person is going to have to ride in the back, preferably with that Busch he's drinkin' in a paper bag.

Redneck Duck Blind
13. Redneck Duck Blind

Just park next to the water and you are ready to go. The engine backfire should help the ducks scatter.

Redneck Double-Decker
14. Redneck Double-Decker

Sometimes there's just too much to haul in your truck. Adding another bed should do the trick.

Redneck Trunk
15. Redneck Trunk

Your trunk is really just a box that holds things when you think about it. So, there's really no reason for those WTF stares.

Redneck Pickup Truck
16. Redneck Pickup Truck

Jimbo really wanted a new truck, but couldn't get enough out of trading in his favorite van. So instead, after a few beers and someone saying "you don't think I can do it," the redneck pickup was born.

Redneck Camouflage
17. Redneck Camouflage

This car is so ugly, we hope they park it in the woods and forget where they left it.

Redneck Geo
18. Redneck Geo

We thought a normal Geo Metro couldn't look worse, until this monstrosity appeared. Who thought this was a good idea? Please, let us know!

Redneck Hippie Bug
19. Redneck Hippie Bug

This person just couldn't let go of his hippie past. He had to plaster the General Lee paint job on his former love bug.

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