In the world of gearheads and petrolheads, custom paint jobs are a point of pride. They are a way to set your car apart from the crowd and show the world just how awesome your car is. Or it can be the exact opposite. These are examples of the latter. Some of the most insanely ridiculous paint jobs we've ever seen. Some are poorly conceived, some are poorly executed, all are terribly ugly.

He's burning, he's burning, he's burning for you! This is less hot rod-style and more "burning down the house"-style flames, right?

This must be what a getaway from a honey heist looks like. Don't mess with Pooh Bear!

If this van is a-rockin', you better actually start knocking because there must be something wrong. There is no way it's rockin' for any other reason. No way.

There really aren't any words. Seriously, what a shi--- idea.

This is either completely ridiculously terrible...or really cool. If it wasn't an awesome vintage Jag, it'd be cool. Maybe.

One small (mis)step for a man, one giant leap into ugliness. Also - historical fun fact - the Space Shuttle did NOT take Neil Armstrong to the moon.

Simple. Understated. Plastic. She's a Barbie Girl, feel the glamor in pink (and turquoise).

An underwater theme for a car at the beach. This is brilliantly hideous.

Ok, this is pretty awesome. The driver better have a matching t-shirt.

Two of the worst bands in the world combined to make one horrendously ugly paint job! This takes everything to a new level. Every other ugly paint job is hereby placed on notice, Kiss n' Back owns everyone's souls.

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