Having good neighbors can make or break the experience of living in a home. Some neighbors are so bad that they can singlehandedly ruin the day-to-day lives of those living around them.

Let's take a look at some neighbor horror stories.

All posts have been edited for clarity.

Crazy Mom
Crazy Mom

"We had one house on my old street growing up, which had just changed owners. A seemingly nice couple and their kids moved in and they were okay at first.

The kids were kind of annoying, but they were like six and nine so the rest of us on the block ignored it. We were all between the ages of thirteen and sixteen. The kids began screaming profanities at us and throwing stuff. We just started avoiding them because they were nuts. So they told their mom that we were being mean. We then learned that she was crazy and would ride her bike up and down the street telling parents what their children had done wrong to their boys. Mostly lies, but some truth. None of the parents would take her seriously and she was told to 'forget' off many times.

We had an empty lot on the street where we would dig tunnels and build paintball fields. Every single morning we would find everything destroyed on the field. We found suspicious attempts at traps made and all kinds of stuff. There were boards with nails laid behind my neighbor's tires and stuff. I was certain the mom was sending her kids out on missions to get back at us and the parents.

The unprovable damage went on for about a year. Peace only returned when she moved."

"His Stupid Orange Face"
"His Stupid Orange Face"

"I had a neighbor about six years ago who lived across the street from me and my boyfriend at the time. We lived on one of the only rental properties on the street, and the neighbor guy made a point of asking us who our landlord was and getting his contact information when we introduced ourselves to him. He hated us from the moment we said hello. You could feel it. We were young but very friendly and approachable and we had our lives together. We had the occasional party but kept it respectable. He was in his late fifties, was running for city council, kept an immaculate lawn, had hair plugs, a bad fake tan, and basically just emanated pure ego. His wife was a female version of him, with slightly more hair and more orange in her tan.

It started in the fall. He called bylaw enforcement to complain about the leaves on our lawn. We knew because he told us after they told him they couldn't do anything. There wasn't a leaf bylaw. He said he was trying to keep the neighborhood looking first-class and a place for families. As if the leaves on our lawn were going to beat up small children passing by. The situation only plummeted from there. He knocked on our door around seven o'clock several mornings to ask us whose car was parked on the street after we had a party the night before. He said it was an issue of neighborhood security. He would make little offside comments during these early morning visits, about how it must be nice to have so much spare time and party with your friends but no time to mow the lawn, that type of thing. He would frame it as a joke. It would be seven o'clock and you could see he had been waiting since five, all dressed in his freshly pressed Ralph Lauren polo just waiting to come over to our house.

I accumulated over five hundred dollars in parking fines from him calling bylaw enforcement anytime I left my car parked outside my own home during street cleaning or light winter snowfall. I caught the city worker giving me a ticket once, he just apologized and said he was doing his job but he recommended I move away from my insane neighbor. We were fined hundreds of dollars over the winter because he called bylaw enforcement on us the moment a snowflake touched our sidewalk and we didn't shovel it.

He called our landlord after I planted a rock garden in the backyard to tell him we had altered the property and wanted them to know in case we hadn't asked their permission. He lobbied against our landlords to have a fence built on our backyard because there was a slight incline near the sidewalk and he didn't want children to fall down. He confronted our friends outside our home late one night to ask them if we were doing illicit substances.

The breaking point was when he called bylaw enforcement to have a tree in our yard cut down because he thought it was infringing on the sidewalk. It wasn't and it was a beautiful crab apple tree. I was there doing yard work when they showed up to look at it, and by that point, I had completely lost my mind. I was downright furious. It had gotten to the point where I was literally having dreams about burning his house down. He had cost me so much money and caused me so much stress. I can honestly say I wanted him to die. My kitchen window faced his, and sometimes I would see him in it and I would just stare at him. I would stare at him like I had laser beams in my eyes and I was trying to burn him to death. He would accidentally make eye contact with me and immediately look away.

I felt so helpless. He was playing the bylaw system like a fiddle and was such an arrogant old prick that there was just no use in fighting him. I took comfort in picking out the subscription cards of every magazine when I waited in line at supermarkets and filled them out to his address with bill me later checked off. I went to a book store once for that sole purpose and picked the weirdest magazines I could find. Chickens monthly, for example. And I sent him so much adult content, oh my god. It helped me feel better.

My boyfriend and I broke up that year but otherwise would have moved anyway, one hundred percent because of him. I will never forget him for as long as I live, his face is burned into my brain. His stupid orange face."

Partying Neighbor
Partying Neighbor

"We had a noisy neighbor for a while. The guy liked having parties. Once or twice a week we could handle but he started having them more often. Then one week he decided to have loud parties every night which wouldn't have been much of an issue, but he liked having them in his bedroom and kept his music blasting and his friends making a racket until seven o'clock in the morning.

I couldn't sleep through it and for a week straight I had no real sleep apart from that hour lull between seven and eight o'clock in the morning. I was getting in trouble at work for being exhausted when it wasn't my fault.

After a few days of it and getting nowhere with him, we wrote a letter and posted it through his door just before the time his mom got home. It turned out it all went quiet at seven because that was the time she got home. She found the note on the floor and read it.

I was happy to be woken up by her screaming at him. If he had been smart and kept his parties downstairs everything would have been fine and we even said that in the letter we sent them. Parties didn't happen very often after that and he moved out a few years ago."

Stalker Neighbor
Stalker Neighbor

"From the get-go, on day one when he first moved in and we met him, both of us had super bad vibes. No reason for it at the time but our gut feeling said he was no good. Then literally for over an entire year, almost every time we went out the door he would come out to our house to try to hang out. We couldn't even walk across the road to check our mail in peace. Then he would walk up the road and stand in front of our house and stare, or pace in front of it in the road. Then he started knocking on our door in the middle of the night.

We never answered as we in no way wanted him in our house ever but especially not at midnight. We only knew it was him because we confronted him later and he admitted it. We would go out together and get home and he would be sitting in a chair in our yard like it was his house. Then he started showing up at stores and other places we were at in town and tried to follow us around there.

It was completely ridiculous and we went through it for over a year. It got to the point that we hated even going outside and couldn't hang out in our own yard because we just felt like we were being watched and just counted down the seconds until he popped up because he always popped up. We complained to our landlord multiple times and he warned our neighbor multiple times. It still continued and probably would still be continuing even now if the dude hadn't gotten behind on his rent and been kicked out which happened late last year.

He messed up the house he was renting so much that it has been getting renovated for months. There were holes in the walls, the floors were torn up, and according to the landlord, like hundreds of empty bottles, burnt foil, used needles, and all sorts of stuff up in the house. The guy was the worst but previous to him we also had just a string of bad neighbors. We both agreed that if the next one turned out to be just as bad or worse we're moving somewhere else."

Dog Poop
Dog Poop

"We had a neighbor in a prior house with a giant lab that pooped that had to be about three pounds each time.

The dog would always come into our yard and poop. The neighbor never picked it up. I had spoken to him and his wife about it several times. It would stop for about a week then restart.

I started scooping it up and keeping it in a bucket as far from my house as I could right next to the shared fence. It stunk like death. After it was full, I dumped it in their driveway.

The guy asked me about it and I told him it would stop once his dog stopped.

It never happened again after that."

Legal Action
Legal Action

"My mother's homeowner's association, which is for a community of only forty-one homes, had some pretty interesting characters in it. About ten years into living in this small community, my mother decided to run for their board to try to get some community improvements done and to take her turn in a board position like most long-term residents. She was elected president of the board.

An older family that included a husband, wife, and their near middle-aged daughter were well known in the neighborhood for being extremely nasty and bossy. The wife thought, although she wasn't on the board, that she got to determine how the dues were spent, that she knew that the community money wasn't being saved or spent properly and that she could make up whatever rules for the community and her family she wanted to.

Like most homeowners associations, they had a standard for how front yards look, what could be planted in them, and limits on things such as the colors of the house, the doors, and trim, and what you could add to the house and yard. This family started stealing water from the neighbors by rerouting their drip hoses and putting in horrible fake flowers and yard decor like plastic pink flamingos. When they were caught having messed with the drip hoses, they trashed the waterline and called the police to blame it on the neighbors they were stealing from. They were bullying the board, the community, and their closest neighbors in person, by phone, including abusing 911 and 311 for non-emergency and irrelevant things, and by mail. They were storing trash in their yard and planted invasive, unapproved species of plants. The Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions, the rule book for residents, clearly stated that these things were not acceptable. The family signed the CC&Rs before they moved in.

My mom went through the community manager and had cease and desist letters sent. Others in the community had complained to the community manager and other cease and desist and fine letters were sent. It turned out that the family had not once made a homeowners association payment and owed about seven thousand dollars in dues, late fees, fines, etc. When the board found out about that, they began ignoring all communications from the family and kept them from attending the homeowners association meetings.

That upset the wife so much that she started coming to my mom's door uninvited, obviously unwanted, and harassing her. When my mother wouldn't respond, the wife sent a summons and notice of complaint to her stating she was being sued for tens of thousands of dollars for emotional damages as a result of harassment and defamation of character. It included the letterhead of a local law firm that handled those types of cases and all the appropriate information. It was sent as mail that had to be signed for. Everything about it seemed legit.

I happened to be at my mom's when she got the letter. Once we had read it and calmed down, I decided to do some research the next day. While the law firm, letterhead, and case information led to a real case, it turned out that it wasn't a case against my mom. It was a case against the woman by her former neighbors from the community she had lived in before moving to my mom's community a year earlier. She had taken the letter, scanned it into a computer, edited the information to make it seem like the case was filed against my mom and to match the circumstances, and had it reprinted in color onto fancy stationery. She had even traced over the lawyer's signature in pen very carefully so it looked like a proper signature.

Needless to say, the law firm was not thrilled when we called them and told them what this woman had done. We sent them the letter and the USPS signature receipt. We kept copies and obviously, the woman is being sued by the law firm. When we spoke to the lawyer last, he made it clear he wasn't letting it go. I would love to see the woman's face when her actions come out in court."

German House Music
German House Music

"I had a neighbor who would bring women back every weekend. Usually, it was cool. I would hear the bed squeak for about twenty seconds, then it would stop, there would be silence, followed by laughing. I'm not the jealous type in any way so it wasn't a big deal that he was constantly bringing women back.

However, when he constantly played awful German house music at four o'clock in the morning, I started getting upset. After talking to him about it, he essentially told me to 'forget' off.

So the next time it happened, I pulled up a video of babies crying on Youtube and put it on full blast through my speaker, which I had sat up against the wall.

Needless to say, it stopped after that."

Military Base
Military Base

"I had a pretty crazy neighbor incident in November. We had lived beside them for about three years at that point with no real problems but we could tell they were a little off. The man kept to himself and I was friendly with the woman. We absolutely adored their daughter, she would come over to the house a lot.

Let me preface by saying it happened on a military base.

One night they get into it. They really did it right. They brawled in the front yard, he grabbed her by the hair and slammed her head into a brick post on their porch. The military police and firefighters were there, the works. The whole street was lit up with emergency lights. They both got carted off.

I found out later from the people across the street that she had an illicit substance problem. She was getting methadone treatment for it, but he forced her off of the treatments. I guess she lost it over that, I don't know though as I'm not really sure what happens in situations like that.

My husband was deployed at the time and I was home alone with my kids. I honestly just closed my blinds and locked my doors when I first realized there was something going down. Well, it didn't end there.

A couple of weeks later, they had both been released from wherever they were, jail and the hospital. My kids were actually out of town for it. My husband got a call from a co-worker down the street asking if we were okay because apparently, something crazy had happened. He just shrugged it off.

I looked at Facebook later and someone posted a news article. I knew immediately who it was.

Apparently, the lady had come back and they got into it again. She hopped into her car, drove straight into the garage and house, backed out, and went on a high-speed chase with the military police through the neighborhood. She sideswiped a cop car as she turned onto one of the roads headed toward a gate. Keep in mind that it was a military base. It was not just a padlocked gate, there are barriers and stuff that come up from the ground.

So she ran for it, and they were raising the barriers, and she wasn't stopping. Somehow there were metal net-type things that were deployed to stop people, like her, from slamming into the barriers. Insane technology.

Never before had I had to deal with craziness like that and we had lived in several different places and in several different types of neighborhoods. After the whole situation, I got a call from the military investigators asking questions about them. One of the questions I was asked was if I ever heard the dude playing loud, satanic music late at night."

"It Started With The Fence"
"It Started With The Fence"

"This lady was just absolutely nuts. We built our houses around the same time, I was between ten and twelve years old, and it started out okay. Her husband and kids were awesome then things started to go wrong. It started with the fence.

They wanted the paneling on their side. My parents said whatever, having the supports or whatever on our side meant that my siblings and I could climb the fence. They wanted a more expensive fence. Whatever, my parents came in under budget with the house. They wanted the fence moved one meter onto our property, no way. Man did we pay for that.

It only happened when my mom, my siblings, and I were home but what would happen was just little stuff to start with. Like getting pebbles thrown over the fence when my mom was in the garden or the neighbor lady would knock on the fence and pretend it wasn't her.

It started escalating when she would yell abuse at us. My step-dad at the time didn't believe us. When we came home from school we would have to wait for the garage door to close fully before we could get out of the car or she would be out the front of our house screaming at us holding a broom or a rake. She was nuts.

Finally, my step-dad caught her when she was poking a hole in the fence so she could watch us. She whispered abuse through the fence, thinking he was my mom. She shat herself when he smacked the fence right over where she was making a hole. We got out of that house quickly, which sucked because that was the house of our dreams.

There were also missing pot plants, mysteriously pulled out plants, fronds missing from palm trees and we could only guess how she ended up with a brand new palm tree."

Lifted Truck Guy
Lifted Truck Guy

"We had a neighbor who liked to overcompensate for whatever by having a huge flashy truck. He treated it like a baby and washed it weekly, had it detailed, etc.

Anyway, he came to our house one day and said that our cat scratched his truck. We had lived there for over seven years, and the cat had never been on any of our vehicles and we had never had a neighbor say so either until he moved in three months before. I wasn't home at the time, but my husband went over to look at it with him, and the guy said he even had a picture of our cat on his truck.

We lived in a tightly packed subdivision and there were at least six other indoor/outdoor cats on our street alone, not to mention the streets on either side of us. For whatever reason, my husband agreed to pay for a scratch repair kit and the neighbor agreed that would be fine. The scratches were very fine and only in the clear coat. My husband told the neighbor to buy the scratch kit and we would pay him back.

He finally texted us the picture and it was a very grainy night shot of a gray tabby cat jumping off the hood of his truck. There were three gray tabby cats that lived in the immediate area near us, and it didn't even look like our cat because our cat can't even climb stairs well.

A few days went by, then a week, then two and we hadn't heard from the neighbor. One day, the neighbor texted my husband and said he didn't think a scratch kit would be good enough and he was going to take the truck to a body shop and send us the bill for the repair. Not asking, just telling us that's how it was going to go down.

We texted him back that that is not what we agreed on and we wouldn't be paying for it. The neighbor went ballistic. He texted my husband every few minutes and called him every name under the sun, and when we didn't reply to him, because don't feed the trolls, it made him even angrier. He started threatening us and the cat. The cat hadn't even been at our house for about two weeks at that point, we sent him to live with grandma, but he hadn't noticed. Each time he threatened us or yelled at us from his yard and we refused to respond the harassment got worse. It finally came to a head when he posted our names, address, phone number, work places, and pictures of our cars with license plates visible on Facebook and encourages his friends to, 'show them what happens to dirty hippies in the south.' I am a public school teacher and he is threatening my job because we can't even get away with drinking in public without getting fired. I had to call my boss and explain what was happening.

So we finally got my lawyer friend involved. He told us to draft up a cease and desist letter and send it via certified mail. He also did some digging and found that neighbor had a history of suing people when he didn't get his way, and that neighbor has lost all of the cases. He was arrested for refusing to leave the premises of a business that wouldn't refund his money on a t-shirt order that he approved before final printing. We also found several Facebook reviews for restaurants and car dealerships where he has pitched a fit about not getting his way. 'How dare they treat him like that.' He even had Facebook pictures of him taking the truck mud digging and using it to haul stuff on the construction sites he worked on. So, it seemed like he didn't really care that his truck was scratched because we hadn't heard from him since and he was just trying to squeeze us for more money. None of his friends ever did harass us either, because apparently, they are not idiots like him."