What's worse than a driver who thinks they own the road? Trick question, there's nothing worse than that. These entitled drivers think everyone else should just move outta the way. They deserve a taste of their own medicine, and that's exactly what the heroes in these stories did. Read on to find out how they got the perfect revenge on an entitled driver.

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The Waiting Game
The Waiting Game

"So I’m at Costco, in need of dog food, and it’s ridiculously busy for a Monday. Barely any parking spots until I spot one at the end of the lot. I make my way down the aisle, and am about to turn into the parking spot when a lady RUNS OVER THE CURB and almost hits me to take the spot. Thankfully I tapped my brakes in time or she would have taken off my bumper.

I look up and she is shaking her head and wagging her finger in a 'no' motion at me. What the heck? I was like okay I’ll just wait for her to back up since I’m obviously turning into the spot. She doesn’t. My girlfriend is with me and was mad that the lady wasn’t budging. I gave her my Costco card and just sat in the aisle in a face off with this lady. She goes inside, gets the dog food, comes back out, and loads up the car. She then pushes the cart into the spot we were waiting for and hops in the car.

The look on the woman’s face was enough to give me satisfaction for a week. She had to get out and move the cart so she could park once I reversed through the entire aisle. Worth it."

"First Come, First Serve"
"First Come, First Serve"

"This may be the pettiest thing I have ever done.

So in my city there is a pub that's attached to a doughnut shop that serves the best doughnuts in the city (which always causes a long line). Because it's attached to a pub, it doesn't close shop until 9PM as there is a solid flow of business rolling in.

Anyway, my girlfriend and I get a serious hankering for some snacks so we decide to head to the doughnut shop and arrive out around 8:30 PM by car. Now, there are only three parallel parking spots a little up the street from the place, and they are all 15-minute spots which are usually full. We see up the street that, count our lucky stars, a spot is free! My girlfriend pulls a little ahead of the car in front of the spot, turns on her indicator, and begins backing into parking spot when this little white Vespa driving behind us whips into the spot. I roll down our window and call out to the driver, ''scuse me, we were just backing in'. The driver seems to be a pretty univ student who shrugs her shoulders and calls out to me, 'Sorry, first come first serve!' while her and her friend share a good laugh.

My girlfriend suggests we just get doughnuts another time, and I tell her she can drop me off here, I'll buy the doughnuts since I know what she likes, and she can loop around. She agrees, and I pop out of the car, pass the little white Vespa where the girls are still gathering their things, and head to the shop. As always, the line is super long for doughnuts and since this is the last batch, the doughnuts are slim pickins. The girls are behind me looking at the 5 or so different flavors that are left, talking about which ones are best and which they haven't had yet. I hear one of them jokingly mention, 'Thank god we got a parking spot' and they burst out laughing. I get to the front of the line, and when asked for my order, request two dozen doughnuts, which is every last one remaining. The girls behind me didn't listen to what I ordered, but eyebrows of confusion started to form on their faces and they slowly saw each doughnut loaded into the boxes and their options dwindle.

One of them (the driver) in desperation asked the baker who was loading them in, 'What, you're not even gonna save a few for us though?' to which I turned around and said, 'Sorry, first come first serve'. She honestly looked like she just simultaneously solved a movie mystery and pooped her pants, it's difficult to put into words but truly an expression I can never forget.

Best doughnuts I ever tasted (and enjoyed by the rest of my office the next morning)."

Have Fun Digging Your Car Out!
Have Fun Digging Your Car Out!

"This happened a couple of years ago. It had snowed a bunch so I went out to clear a spot for my boyfriend at the time for when he got home from work (he's a police officer). I spent a while digging it out, and as I was finishing up some girl drove up and parked in it (while I was still shoveling it!). I told her that I just dug it out intending to use it and asked her to move, and she didn't. She then got out of her car and walked away... Turns out she lived two buildings down so she normally wouldn't park there anyways!

Our complex had a mini snow plow and the dude was plowing in the area and saw this all go down. He helped me move all the snow from the pile he just created and put it all around her car. We buried it up to the door handles on all sides. He then dug out a new spot for me.

Saw her later trying to dig out her car, turns out she didn't have a shovel. So, naturally, because I'm petty I went out and re-shoveled the sidewalk from the lot up to our building, and threw all of the snow on her vehicle while I did it. Then went inside and took my shovel with me."

"You Don't Mind, Do You?"
"You Don't Mind, Do You?"

"This happened to me last night. I got in my car to pick up my girlfriend and my tire pressure light came on. I have a 12v air compressor in my backseat but it’s loud and fills sort of slowly, so I opted to drive to the local Wawa. (For those who don’t have Wawa, it’s like if 7/11 got sober and went to college.) Wawa’s air pumps are free to use which usually means there are at least a few cars lined up, but when I pulled in there was only one other car. Score. I pulled behind the guy filling his tires and an older gentleman in a BMW pulled in behind me.

After about 3 minutes a woman in a brand new Lexus pulls up directly next to me and puts her window down. 'I only have to fill one tire, do you mind if I go in front of you?', she asked.

I said, 'Actually I do, we’ve been waiting here for a little bit, sorry.' She muttered something while rolling her window up and I put up mine.

About a minute later the guy at the pump was done. He backs up and before I can even put my car in gear Lexus woman pulls her car in front of mine diagonally, blocking me from pulling into the spot, and then pulls straight in after the first guy has moved. She climbs out of her car and gives me the MOST INFURIATING little wave.

At this point my anger gives way to a ninja-like calm, and I know exactly what must be done. I pull my car forward and stop ~6 inches from her rear bumper. The air pump is in the corner of the lot, so Lexus woman has a curb in front of her, a curb to her right (where the pump is), an open spot to her left, and now my dirty car right behind her brand new one. She is busy filling her tire and doesn’t notice that I’ve pulled right up to her car. I step out of my car, grab my air compressor from the back seat and start setting it up to fill my tire. Mr. BMW, who has remained completely still and silent, sees what I’m doing and asks if I can fill his tires too. I say, 'Of course' and motion for him to park in the empty spot to Lexuslady’s left. As soon as he pulls in she notices what’s happening and starts yelling. I flip on my air compressor and begin filling my tire, her cries drowned out by the sound of 250psi of justice. She comes and stands in front of me, face beet red and little flecks of spittle popping out from between her yellow teeth as she calls me all sorts of names.

I calmly say, 'Ma’am, I only have one tire to fill. You don’t mind, do you?'. Mr. BMW is absolutely loving this, and as I finish my tire and move to fill his she starts up again. 'You stupid, freaking piece of trash'. I finish Mr. BMW’s tire and he thanks me for my help, climbs in his car and pulls away grinning. I wrap my compressor up nicely, pick a good song, and set my climate control to a balmy 82 degrees, all while Lexus lady is trapped in front of me. I calmly back up, give her a little wave, and drive off into the night."

I Spy A Prick
I Spy A Prick

"I was trying to find a parking spot at my university. The lot was notoriously crowded but my campus didn't have a lot of options. While searching, I saw a Corvette taking up FOUR prime spots near the front of the lot.

After about ten minutes of waiting/looking for a spot one opened up towards the back of the lot. Furious at the nerve of the driver being so inconsiderate, I wrote a note saying, 'Sorry I hit your car, you probably won't even notice the damage' and left it on their windshield. When I got out of class and was headed back to my car, I saw a very stereotypical college aged Corvette owner frantically searching their vehicle while yelling into their phone. I don't know who they were talking to, but I feel bad for them having to deal with this person."

A Good Morale Boost
A Good Morale Boost

"I was helping my friend move last weekend and we're driving down a double lane highway, speed limit 50 about 10 at night. Prick in a lifted truck and blue blinding highbeams and fog lamps comes speeding up behind and I mean full freaking prick-highbeams. It's fairly common for people to race down this stretch late at night with few others on the road. I'm following my friend in the left lane coming up on another car to pass that is in the right lane. At first, I'm like whatever, moron, I'll just merge back over to the right and let pricktruck pass. I'm too tired to deal with this bull and been going back and forth all day.

Well, even though I signal and I'm starting to merge over into the right lane, pricktruck gets idiotic and decides to cut around and ride the bumper of the other car in the right lane so I can't complete my lane change. Okay idiot. So I decide to just keep going and pass the guy on the right. He swerves right back around and rides my bumper again.

My friend in front of me eventually sees what was going on and he moves over to the right lane and I pull up beside him. We both smile at each other and decide to mess with pricktruck. We both talked before about how much we hate losers in lifted trucks driving like idiots with illegal lights. First my friend speeds up a bit and the idiot cuts over like he's going to weave through, then he slows down and I speed up and he cuts back over. We do this for about 2 miles until the speed limit drops to 25 right before Walmart and the center lane opens up. We both slow down to exactly 25 at the 'reduced ahead' sign well before the actual sign which makes this guy even more mad. He decides to floor it past us in the center lane, through the intersection RIGHT PAST A COP SUV. Cop does a quick U-Turn and flips his lights on and nabs pricktruck going probably 70 in the 25. We finally get to his house and the whole time we're unpacking we can't stop laughing. Watching pricktruck get caught provided us the morale boost we needed to finish up that night."

Even Cops Need To Learn
Even Cops Need To Learn

"This happened around 4th of July, there was a small fender bender and emergency services get called out. My towing company sends me out by accident not realizing the flatbed at the scene could tow both vehicles. There was one ambulance and 5 police cruisers 3 cruisers blocking the road, 1 directing traffic and then the idiot who showed up after the scene was secured. The idiot felt the need to park his cruiser crossway diagonally in front of the ambulance, not necessarily blocking the path, but if anyone has driven an ambulance they are a pain to reverse around obstacles.

The EMTs asked the idiot to move his cruiser and he literally said, 'When I'm ready' and resumes chatting with the cop directing traffic. Another cruiser shows up and it's a Sergeant who knew me and the company I work for, he goes off to deal with the scene and the EMTs rush to him to talk to him about moving the cruiser. I see him stomping in my direction and then walks to the cruiser and the door was locked. He called for the cop that pulled in front and he either didn't respond, ignored, or wasn't aware his superior was there. He looked mad he reached for the radio, but then he looked at me and asked what my drop fee was.

5 minutes go by and he waves to me to get the cruiser, so I line up and sting it and dragged it out of the way and the ambulance drivers waved and left the area. He told me to keep the cruiser hooked because he wanted to teach the idiot a lesson, he walked over to the cop directing traffic and idiot and alerted him that he was getting towed.

He rushed back and demanded I put the car down and that it's not a funny joke but I reminded him that all tows are fair in the county if the car is illegally parked, he looked at the sergeant and the sergeant reminded him that the ordinance extends to emergency vehicles (had to look this up, it's not.) He tried to negotiate to 40, but my drop fee is 100, he hesitates, but he pulls 5 20s from his wallet and I put his cruiser down. He got in his cruiser and he didn't look to happy as he pulled away.

The sergeant busts out laughing and said that kid needed that. He told me he's only been on the force less than a few weeks and that he was acting like he ran the place as if he was the sergeant. We shook hands talked about work and Hot Wheels and off I went $100 richer."

Five Year Revenge
Five Year Revenge

"Five years ago, my wife and I started new jobs in a new city, right down the road from each other's offices, employed with the same government agency. Our schedules were roughly similar for several months before she went to a night shift, so we would occasionally encounter the same people or vehicles in our commute. The commute consisted mostly of two lane roads with no passing.

One day, my wife gets cut off by a fancy black sports car with a vanity plate (Let's say RUDELAW). He had been tailgating her for nearly ten minutes already, as she had the nerve to only go five miles per hour over the speed limit on a busy downtown road. So, the moment he could, he cut into the other lane and passed her, giving her maybe only a foot or two of space after doing so, and forcing her to hit the brakes suddenly in response. She honked her horn at him justifiably in response. To her surprise, Rudelaw stopped his car in front of her. Rudelaw gets out of his vehicle and is an older balding male in a fancy tailored suit. He starts marching towards my wife's much cheaper car shouting and ranting with his fists balled up, and he hit her car a couple times. Thankfully, it didn't get worse, because my wife stayed in her car and already had her phone out calling 911. Incidentally, that's also her place of employment at the time, and she was wearing a uniform which bears a bit of a resemblance to a sworn officer's uniform. Rudelaw apparently notices all this (apparently also taking note of her name tag) after putting a crack in her windshield and immediately heads back to his car and drives off.

About a month later, my wife ends up having to talk to Internal Affairs. A prominent member of the legal community made an official complaint against her for 'reckless driving' and "aggressive behavior." IA thankfully is run by some awesome people, and we had the physical damage to her vehicle that we photographed, a partial recording of his shouting from the 911 call, and the responding officer's report. The complaint was dismissed as unfounded. Due to Rudelaw's prominent status as an attorney locally for almost thirty years, nothing more could come of it legally.

My wife moved to night shifts and my own schedule adjusted slightly, and I was working a typical 9-5, heading from an office along mostly the same route that my wife followed. Lo and behold, I soon discover that with my adjusted hours, I was leaving from the same parking garage as Rudelaw every day of the week at the same time. For the past nearly five years, I waited for him almost every day of the week, and made sure to drive home in front of him at exactly the speed limit. This easily extended his home commute time by five to ten minutes each day, depending on how much other traffic was on the road. He tried tailgating me, changing his hours that he was at the office, and multiple other ways to escape this delay in getting home, but thanks to an accomplice in his office, I never had a problem learning his schedule or what vehicle he was driving when he sold his old one. During times when I would take a vacation, I had comrades from my department take up the mantle of driving slowly home to inconvenience this guy. I've gone through three cars in the ensuing time frame, but he never seemed to want to make a confrontation of it.

As of three months ago, I moved to a new office building and Rudelaw retired shortly after. The saga has ended, and I can only assume he's off to enjoy a retirement of kicking babies or whatever it is lawyers do in their free time. It was a good run, and would always fill me with satisfaction at the end of each day, no matter how much bull I may have faced."

She Should've Just Minded Her Business
She Should've Just Minded Her Business

"A couple of months ago, during the first half of my workday, my belt broke as I was buckling it back after using the restroom. So, at lunch I run to the local Wally world and pick up a cheap replacement until I can buy a higher quality one. Go in, buy a belt, then head back to my car. I get back to my car and put the belt on while standing at my car.

As I am putting on the belt, I notice a car has stopped in the aisle waiting on me to back out. It was busy and the lot full, but I had lucked into the first spot next to the handicapped space, primo spot. I guess she got annoyed with waiting, and as I was finishing putting my belt on, I guess she thought I had decided just to pee in the parking lot in the middle of the day. She rolls her window down to confront me. She will be IL=idiot lady:

IL: Did you just pee in the parking lot?

Me: What? What are you talking about?

IL: You did! You just peed in this parking lot! Disgusting!

Me: Hey idiot, who the heck pees in the middle of a parking lot? I was putting on a belt I just bought, mind your own business.

IL: Bull, you just peed in the parking lot!

Me: Lady, you are a moron. I hope you aren't planning on getting this parking spot, because you ain't getting it.

IL: Like heck I ain't!

Then the standoff begins. No way am I letting her get this space, even if I have to sit there all afternoon. We sit there 5 minutes, 10 minutes, at least 15 minutes, with her even complaining to a cart wrangler about it (he doesn't do anything of course). Then I see my chance. A big truck parked about 5-6 spots further down the aisle is leaving and needs space to back out, and she is blocking him from doing so. She backs up at bit and also gets closer to the cars on the other side of the aisle so the truck has room to back out. This allows another car coming up the aisle to get behind the truck. I back out of the spot really quick as the truck is backing out, she can't get around the truck to get my spot. The car coming up the aisle gets behind the truck and because IL had moved her car over, the car coming up the aisle goes around her and gets my spot (IL didn't have a turn signal on or anything since she had sat there so long).

I circle back around the next aisle to see her reaction. She lays on the horn and yells at the car who pulled into my spot, she is livid! Red face, cursing, etc. The driver tells her to shut up. In the meantime, another car had come and gotten the space the truck backed out of so IL had to keep circling to find a spot. Man it was sweet."

"Time To Teach Him A Lesson"
"Time To Teach Him A Lesson"

"As a trucker, I come across slow drivers and when I pass them, they speed up to pass me and slow down again. Don't know the logic behind it. Today I came across another one and thought, 'time to teach him a lesson'. I had to pass that guy 2 times and he was going for a 3rd time to slowdown in front of me. Well I accelerated to catch up to a car in left lane (2 lane highway) to block him in. Drove for few minutes and watched him through my hood mirror screaming/raging. Stars have aligned for me and there was cop entering the highway. I slowed down near on-ramp to 55mph as our crazy driver floors it flipping me off. Cop got his lights on and 30 seconds later had him pulled over. I kept going."

"Good Luck Buffing That Out!"
"Good Luck Buffing That Out!"

"First, just FYI, in most handicapped parking spots, there is a place next to the parking spot marked off for loading and unloading wheelchairs. In the US, it's usually painted with diagonal stripes.

On to the story:

My son and I were at Walmart, and as I parked, I saw that a new BMW convertible owner decided that that striped spot was set aside for HIM. I looked, and there was no sign of a placard or handicapped tag.

It made me mad, and I stewed about it the whole time we were shopping. When he was still parked there when I came out, I decided to get spiteful.

I found a piece of paper, and left a note on his windshield. It said:

'SO SORRY - I did not mean to scrape your car with my wheelchair. I would leave my contact info, but you were illegally parked, blocking my van. So good luck buffing that out!'

We sat in the car another 20 minutes and waited. Out came this guy that looked like a personal trainer. He came jogging up to his car, chatting on his phone. He saw the note, screamed 'Oh, NOOOO!!' Then he spent the next 20 minutes going over his car, inch by inch. Rubbing every speck of dust or dirt. He was still looking when we left.

Nothing harmed, no damage - just a lesson (hopefully) learned."

That'll Teach You To Back Off
That'll Teach You To Back Off

"This happened a few months ago as I was driving my work van (the biggest Mercedes sprinter you can drive without a commercial license) around Amsterdam delivering groceries. This story takes place on a single lane road with high curbs on both sides that takes you from one neighborhood to another. Speed limit is 50mph, although it could have been 70 in my opinion except in some tight corners.

Now I've driven here so many times before that I feel comfortable doing 60-ish, just a bit faster than normal without the risk of getting caught speeding in an urban area.

Suddenly I hear a loud beep behind me, and wouldn't you know it, it's a BMW! 'What a surprise!' I think to myself. I was quite impressed by my ability to guess the brand of this automobile, because everything forward of the rear doors wasn't visible in my mirrors.

The tailgating and honking continues for a little while until I spot the perfect opportunity to teach this Ikea-pencil equipped idiot a lesson: a long straight section in the road. For those of you who haven't been to the Netherlands before, our government loves two things: taxes and using those taxes to build speedbumps.

As such we have a wide variety of speedbumps and this straight section was equipped with my personal favorite: the bus bypass variant, a trapezoid block just wide enough that a normal car has to pass over it with at least one wheel, but a bus can pass over it unobstructed.

I've had plenty of practice with these obstacles and line up for a flawless pass while accelerating to a mind numbing 70 mph, the BMW still glued to my rear bumper. I pass over the obstacle without the slightest inconvenience..... The oblivious BMW driver however hits it in the worst possible way, launching himself into the ceiling of his car and grinding his oilpan as the suspension compresses.

After that he kept a good distance."

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