Travel Day Ends With A Bang


Travel Day Ends With A Bang

The pregnant woman crying sparked concern with her husband. He came over to see what was wrong and she told him about the "curse" that Alex had cast on their baby. He instantly stormed over to Alex, knocked the drink out of his hand, then grabbed him by the collar and got right in his face. "Listen here, you little prick," was all the man got a chance to get out before security guards grabbed and detained him, leaving Alex a bit shaken, but unharmed. Security asked Alex if he is ok after the attack.

But the guards were confused as to what was going on and they turned to Alex for answers.

The guards started questioning Alex and asking him why the guy was so angry. Alex said that the man's wife had taken his seat, and that he made a comment under his breath and the man got upset with him.

The officer asked for his information and when he saw that Alex was a minor, the officer asked if Alex wanted to press charges.

Alex thought about for a minute and then thought, "Why not," and he told him yes. The guard said he understood and let Alex go so he did not miss his flight, then informed the Southwest airline gate attendant to please keep track of Alex in case they needed more information for pressing charges.

This meant that Alex got to get on the plane early and he chose the first seat he could. He also chose the aisle seat to see if this lady and her husband would get on the plane, too. Since she was sitting in the same gate, he figured they would be on the same flight.

As time was passing, Alex began to think that the nightmare couple might not get on the plane, and he was right.

They never got on the plane, and it takes off without them, heading for Boise. Half way through the flight, the flight attendant asked him if he really put a curse on the baby and he responded with, “I don’t actually know magic."

Then the flight attendant tells him that, unfortunately, he would not be able to press charges on them due to being a minor, but that the couple missed their flight and they would have to buy a new ticket to their final destination with another airline. With 5 words, Alex cost this horrible woman and her abusive husband around $500.




Alex ended his journey with a victory and never looked back. He had a very relaxing nice flight to Boise and also a good laugh. He wonders what the lady is thinking now after that flight, because he never heard from that couple again. He will always be satisfied with his successful revenge.

But was Alex right to do what he did or was he just traumatizing a poor, pregnant woman? Or did he take it a step too far?


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