Flying is a very popular mode of transportation. It's fast, safe, easy and very comfortable. Well, usually very comfortable. This wasn't the case for recent traveler Wendi Williams, whose seat was punched repeatedly by the man seated behind her.

As said in an Ruin My Week article, the altercation began when the man asked Williams to pull her reclined seat back up as he began eating his meal. When the man was finished eating, Williams resumed her reclined position. That's when the man's fists began raining down on Williams's seat.

A flight attendant did come to help, but not in the way Williams thought. The flight attendant proceeded to reprimand her, telling Williams to delete the video. Williams was also cited a Passenger Disturbance Notice. As for the man? He was given a complimentary beverage.

The incident blew up on Twitter, with some users taking Williams side.

Few seemed to agree with the man.

No matter who's right, it's safe to say there's a good chance neither of them will be flying for a while.