Some people have lake houses. Others have a cabin in the woods. Some lucky people have ski houses. Maybe you have a beach house. Now, there is something for the gearhead. A track house!

Are you someone that dreams about spending your weekends at the track, tearing around at breakneck speeds, passing slower competitors and measuring yourself by your lap times? Imagine if you could be out on the track all day, then drive your ride straight into your garage and be enjoying a cold one just minutes later. Your dreams can come true, at the Brainerd International Raceway in Brainerd, Minnesota.

BIR Luxury Garages, based in Brainerd, has built two homes already and they have plans for up to 10 more. That doesn't include another 12 buildings with 4 smaller units in each - think a track apartment - and another 44 of what they call "Distinctive Garages." And let's be total honest here, they look freaking AWESOME. This is the kind of place that we could really get behind for a vacation home!

Located literally just feet from the track, these homes have every creature comfort you would ever want, including 2 bedrooms and one and a half baths, a full kitchen, two entertainment areas, a rooftop deck bar and, of course, a huge garage for whatever you desire to park in it; the faster, the better.

It also includes access to the track whenever it's open, boat access to a nearby lake if you need a break from driving, and admission to all events at the track during racing season.

And yeah, if you love it so much you just have to live there full time, that's no problem. As long as you can deal with the mighty roar of racecar engines, have at it!

Check out an MTV Cribs-style video of the first two houses by 1320video:

All this can be yours for the low, low listed price of a cool $1.2 Million. A bargain at double the price, in our opinion!

If you had the coin, would you drop it on a place like this?

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