The Wrong Bet To Take
The Wrong Bet To Take

"Pulled a guy over for registration sticker being out. Several months out. I ask him why this hasn't been taken care of and he states he has a bet with a friend that he can go 2 years without a ticket. I said, 'Well, you just lost that bet.'"

"We Were About To Let Him Go When He Tells Us..."

"I was working a checkpoint as a police explorer while in high school. I used to work these kinds of events all the time and sometimes officers tended to be forgiving and let people go if they didn't have their drivers license.

On this day, a man claimed he was on his way home from the store (his story checked out due to the groceries in his car). We were about to let him go when he tells us he remembers his driver's license number. He gives it to us, it comes back with a warrant for his arrest, and now we HAVE to search his car. We find illegal substances and devices, and so we bust him for that.

A piece of advice: quit when you're ahead."

"Are You Sure This Is Where You Want To Be?"

"A guy I know is a police officer. He is on patrol late on a Friday night and gets a call that a cabbie needs help with woman in his cab. She puked all over the cab, refuses to pay, and refuses to get out. My friend goes to the scene and the cab driver says he doesn't even give a crap if he gets paid at this point, just get this woman out of his cab. My friend decides to be lenient and calls the woman another cab. He explains to her that she has to get out of this cab and another one will take her home. The new cab shows up, he tells the woman it is time to go. She gets up, walks back to the patrol car and gets in the back seat.

My friend goes over and says, 'This car doesn't go to your house, this car goes to jail. If you get in that other car, you can go home.'

The wasted lady tells him to go eff himself and she isn't getting out. He tries again, 'This car doesn't go home, that car does. This car goes to jail. Are you sure this is where you want to be?'

She tells him to eff off and he says 'Good enough' and hauled her off to jail."

"Dang it, Larry!"

"My brother is a cop. There's a guy, call him Larry. He's known to the local police department as the usual redneck who has a problem with the bottle. One night, Larry backed into a utility pole while wasted and lost his license for two years. He would have his wife or kids drive him places. A few months into Larry's suspension, my brother is sitting in his car one night and sees Larry's truck go by. It's easy to pick out because it was never fixed after hitting the pole. There are two people in it, but he doesn't know who is driving.

The truck was doing about 10 mph over the speed limit so my brother decided to pull him over. By the time he gets out onto the road and finds the truck, it's already parked at a gas station. My brother waited by the car, thinking he would just give the driver a warning. Larry and his wife walk out of the gas station and see my brother.

'Larry! You gotta tell your wife to slow down.'

'Well, officer, my wife wasn't driving, I was.'

'Dang it, Larry! You know you can't be driving. But since I can't prove it was you, just have her drive home and we'll call this a warning. If I catch you driving, you know it's your butt.'

'Sure, thanks.'

Larry then proceeded to get in the driver's seat and drive off while my brother was still parked next to him. My brother pulled him over before he was even out of the parking lot and took him to jail."

The Mom Got There And Started Cussing Him Out
The Mom Got There And Started Cussing Him Out

"I was on the side of the road on a straight-away under a light in a marked patrol car on a non-residential road, meaning that there was nothing obstructing people from seeing me easily a half-mile mile out. I wasn't really running radar, just trying to catch up on paperwork. The speed limit was 35 mph.

The radar had a doppler sound that became more high pitched the faster someone goes. I do not know why my radar unit was off 'hold,' it just was. I am typing away, not even looking at traffic, and there is no traffic. I hear my radar, and the pitch quickly descends indicating someone coming to a rapid stop. This catches my attention and I look up just in time to see a car stop on the highway (against the law) and with its lights off at night (against the law). The car then rapidly takes off faster and faster. I am literally in the wide open. The car passes 35 mph, passes 45 mph, passes 55 mph, passes 65 mph as they pass me. The driver looks at me as he passes and smiles. I think 'game on.' I turn on my blues, flip around, and the car comes to a stop pretty quickly, all hopes of a chase dashed.

As I approach, I noticed that there were three male high school kids (16-18 years old). I also see a box of brownie mix in the back floorboard. I ask the usual questions and I am receiving no problems out of these kids. At this point, I realized they had no malicious intentions and that they were just kids making stupid decisions. We have all been there. I was just going to explain how horribly wrong this could go for them. Joking, I said something along the lines of 'Why are y'all cooking brownies?'

I was expecting them to say that it was for their mom or something. I was so very wrong. All three became instantly scared. I asked 'Do you have Mary Jane? Are you guys trying to make 'special' brownies?'

The passenger mumbles 'Yeah.'

Still, they are kids, no reason to mess up their record. I was now going to call their parents and let them know what happened. Usually, when I call the parents for minor charges, the parents are usually profusely sorry. They usually promise to handle the situation and at times promised to punish them. I've never had a repeat offender from these interactions. So I call parent number one, no problem, they came and picked up the kid. I called parent number two, same deal.

I called the driver's parents and started explaining the situation when the mom starts cussing me out. 'You cannot pull over my kid, he is a minor. You cannot talk to him, I will have your badge!'

I had to stop her and explain to her that I was trying to help her son, that she could come get him and his car or I would be forced to arrest him and take him to jail. Again, she starts cussing at me. I am half a breath from hanging up and arresting her son when I hear the father who must have picked up another phone to listen and said they will be right down.

The parents arrive and before the car was even in park, the mom hops out and starts approaching me cussing me out. I tell her to calm down and try to explain that I am there helping her family. The father also tried to calm her down but she is insisting that she knows the law, that she is a paralegal for a defense lawyer, and that she was going to sue me. I am left hoping to try and talk her into seeing the light but the last straw is when she gets literally in my face and talks in a manner that causes her to spit. She got arrested. I also arrest her son, on a summons, for the illegal substance, and for speeding. He doesn't have to go to jail, like his mom, but I need to be able to prove why she was arrested for disturbing the peace.

I sent her court date before her son's. When her trial comes up, I explain the whole situation to the judge, including my intention was to just let her son off with a warning like I did the other two kids, but that his mom was not reassuring me that she would show her son that speeding and smoking was bad. That sets her off! She comes storming across the courtroom, cussing me out in court. That day, she was found guilty in front of her boss (the defense lawyer), had to pay a fine, and spend two weekends in jail.

A couple of weeks later her son's court day arrives. She is there. The juvenile judge operates on the belief that sometimes kids just do dumb things and he tries not to ruin their lives unless he has too. I knew he was on my side. I again explain the whole story, but at the end ask for the charges to be dismissed. The judge smiles, dismisses the charges, and explains to the mom that she was making poor life choices and that I was helping. She tries to explain that I had no right to talk to her son. The judge shook his head, banged his gavel, and walked out."

He Should Have Just Kept His Mouth Shut
He Should Have Just Kept His Mouth Shut

"In the UK, we walked to a pub after a bit of a pushing and shoving match between friends, got it all sorted and walked away. As myself and two other colleagues were doing so, a guy shouts at us, completely unprovoked or warranted, from a distance of 5 to 6 feet away, 'Dirty effing pigs.'

We tell him to stop swearing. He says, 'What are you going to do? Arrest me for being wasted and disorderly you effing black wankers?'

He was then arrested being wasted and disorderly. He also had 3 grams of a white, powdery substance in his pocket. Completely avoidable if he'd have just kept his mouth shut."

"The Judge Was NOT Amused"

"I watched a guy talk his way into a contempt charge and then 90 days in jail. I was an animal control officer. There were two dogs roaming on a busy street and in front of a university. I cannot, for the life of me, catch these dogs. I call for another officer to assist. While I'm waiting, I pull out my camera, snap photos of the dogs sitting in front of university sign, almost getting hit by a car, on neighbors porches, etc. The owner shows up, corals his dogs, I write him a ticket for stray roaming and need proof of rabies shots - no big deal. Just show up to court, bring your proof, admit your dogs got out, pay your $75 fine, and go on with your life.

Well, this guy had other plans. He hired a lawyer! I had my case file with all my pictures nicely labeled. The owner swears his dogs had not been running loose. The judge asks for my file and a description of his dogs. He describes his dogs and they're the ones in the picture. The judge gives him another chance and he swears he has no idea why he's here and those aren't his dogs. Judge flips my file to his dog sitting in front of university sign and asks if that's his dog. The man admits it's his dog, but I snuck over after work when he was walking his dogs to snap pictures of them. The judge is not amused. He orders the guy put in contempt for lying. The judge then asks for proof of rabies vaccination. The guy says he has it but he didn't bring it because he didn't think they were his dogs. The judge is not amused again as he flips through my file. He sees the dog almost got hit and is a public nuisance on a busy street, he sees the other dog chilling on the neighbor's porch.

Then best of all! The judge asks if this is the first time the dogs have ever gotten out, the owner swears it is. Then the judge flips to about eight notarized statements and our complaint log sheet showing that multiple neighbors have called about his dogs being loose. The judge gets very mad and orders the guy 90 days plus contempt. I didn't say anything but, 'Thank you for your time.' I would hate to be that guy explaining why he is doing time."

He Went Haywire On The Meter Maid
He Went Haywire On The Meter Maid

"My friend had just completed an exam. I guess he didn't do so well and he arrived at his car already in a foul mood. Of course, a cop had just finished writing him a ticket for an expired meter. So he goes haywire, complaining. The cop decides to write him another ticket, this one for a broken windshield.

My friend really goes ballistic this time, yelling, waving his arms. The cop, of course, writes him a third ticket for a broken taillight, hands my friend all three tickets and walks off.

My friend angrily goes to open his car door and suddenly realizes that it's not his car. He put all three tickets under the windshield wiper and walked off."

They Usually Give Firefighters A Break But He Asked For It
They Usually Give Firefighters A Break But He Asked For It

"We normally give other cops, firemen, or paramedics a break and don't write them up. I pulled a car over for doing easily 60 mph in a 35 mph zone. I got to the door and he rudely announced, 'I'm a firefighter.'

'Oh, alright, you have your MFD ID and license?' He hands it to me. 'Cool, slow down a little, okay? Being a firefighter doesn't give you a pass to drive crazy all the time.'

'Yeah it does, I can drive however I want.'

'OH REALLY? Sit tight for me.'

Press hard. Three copies, dummy."

She Blabbed And Ratted Herself Out
She Blabbed And Ratted Herself Out

"I worked at the gate entrance to a military post. One night, three military policemen were helping us check IDs. A truck with two females and two males pulled up at about 2:30 am. The women were married to soldiers (dependent IDs) and the males were soldiers but NOT their spouses. One in the back was being a little loud and attracted a cop over to the truck. He started asking her questions and she started blabbing about how much she consumed. Then she goes on to say she gave one of the males drinks (he was under the age of 21) but it was okay because he lived with her. All four were arrested.

Also, I had to search the loud woman because she said her ID was in her bra. After some searching, I couldn't find her ID. I asked her when was the last time she had it and she said she handed it to the driver at the gate - I totally searched through her lady parts for nothing."

"She Screamed Louder And Didn't Want To Leave"

"I used to be a security guard at a casino. I've had multiple times where we've had to call the cops but one really sticks out. This woman was a regular customer. One time, she had a little too much and we had to cut her off (Washington doesn't allow people in her current physical state to continue partaking in the casino's offerings). She was having none of it. She started screaming at the shift manager, and she was asked to leave. She screamed louder and didn't want to leave. The police were called to get her out and long story short, she ended up getting tied up with restraining straps and carried out of the casino.

A cutoff doesn't mean you have to leave, just be chill and you can still hang out, drink sodas, eat, and watch tv with your friends. It sucks because I'm pretty sure this woman ended up with at least one felony (fighting police)."

He Just Didn't Want Him To Hit A Deer
He Just Didn't Want Him To Hit A Deer

"For a brief period of time, my father was a police officer. If he saw military base passes on the windshield of the car or something else signifying the driver was military, he would let them off with a warning unless the driver was being a jerk or dangerous. This was after 9/11 and everything was tense for everyone. He pulled over a guy because he was speeding at least 15 mph over the speed limit. He told him that there were a lot of deer in the area and told him to slow down so he didn't hit anything.

As he was about to send the guy on his way, the guy became belligerently angry about my father wasting his time. The guy told him to go eff himself and he knew what he was doing and several other things. So my father asked for his license and proof of insurance again and thoroughly ran the plates.

He found the guy had his license suspended about a month earlier and he ended up writing the guy up for speeding, endangerment, and driving with a suspended license."

She Was So Vulgar People Were Covering Their Kids' Ears
She Was So Vulgar People Were Covering Their Kids' Ears

"I was a Sergeant with a major city's Transit Enforcement Department. I got called out because a lady demanded to speak to a supervisor. When I got there, the lady was cursing at one of my officers. I watched for a moment as she screamed and yelled, eff this, eff you, get a real job, etc. She was so loud and vulgar that several other transit patrons were moving away from her, covering their kids' ears, etc.

I approached and introduced myself. She told me that she was just standing there minding her own business smoking when the officer began to harass her for no reason. She demanded names and ID numbers from the officer and said she wanted to file a complaint and get the officer fired for harassing her (her words).

I asked the officer what happened, he said he went up to her to warn her that smoking in the station was illegal and to ask her to move or put it out. She cut in demanding to know where it said smoking was illegal, and what law. I pointed to the 'no smoking' sign about five feet away which cites the appropriate state law and local ordinance. I pointed out that the officer only wanted to warn her and ask her to move away or put it out. I told her she was lucky that I didn't witness her smoking because I have no problems issuing a ticket for smoking in a station, and thanked her for letting me know that my officer was doing his job properly.

She went on another little temper tantrum because apparently we're all Nazis or something and said some other distasteful things which made a few more nearby patrons move away. She added that since we're not going to cite why don't we both just eff off.

'But ma'am,' I said, 'I am going to cite you.'

I wrote her a misdemeanor citation for disturbing the peace because while the police can't be the victim of a disturbance crime, all the other patrons who moved away from her or covered their kids' ears can."

"New Zealand Police Don't Mess Around"

"On my 20th birthday, my friends and I tried to get into a club in Queenstown, New Zealand. We were in rare form and there was no way for us to get in. We kind of expected that to happen and wanted to just walk back to our hostel - except one of us who really wanted to get in. He tried so loud that cops came by, which is when he eventually gave up.

While walking away he mumbles something like, 'Eff the police.'

The cops come running, tackle him down, and take him to a cell for the night. He actually is one of the nicest guys I know. Such a bizarre moment. New Zealand police don't mess around."

He Tried To Explain Why He Was So Riled Up
He Tried To Explain Why He Was So Riled Up

"It was spring break years ago at a popular beach. We were in high school and underage, but if you're not an idiot, the cops will leave you alone. Well, we were riding in the back of a truck, driving down to the beach trying to meet girls. We see a group of girls from our high school. One of these girls said some very mean things about our friend when he was in the hospital after a car wreck. Another friend decides he is going to defend his buddy's honor by hurling obscenities and being generally aggressive towards her.

A cop noticing the commotion, approaches us, asks us what our problem is. I apologize for my friend and explain that he was just hitting on these girls and I will get him to chill out and lower his voice, etc.

At this point my buddy starts defending his actions to the cops, telling them the 'real' story. He tries to explain the high school drama that has him so riled up. Well, he got arrested shortly after."

"He Greets Me With..."

"I pulled a guy for an expired registration. I get to the window and see that the guy is dang near 80, so my first thought is, 'Old guy just forgot, I'll remind him and send him on his way.'

He immediately greets me with 'WTF do you want!?'"

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