An Explosive Resignation
An Explosive Resignation

"I worked as a mechanic at Pep Boys several years ago. While I worked there, some of us discovered that if the drainage pipe in the shop were pressurized, the toilet would shoot water out of the bowl. The service manager at my store was a piece of work. The day that I quit I waited until he went into the bathroom. I filled up a Cheetah (a device used to seat a tire onto a wheel) and released about 200psi all at once into the drainage pipe. The toilet exploded, the manager screamed, and then comes storming out of the bathroom COVERED in poop."

A Guy's Just Had Enough And Quits Like He's Going On Vacation
A Guy's Just Had Enough And Quits Like He's Going On Vacation

"Worked as an electrical company contractor measuring poles all through the Midwest. We measured in the rain, snow, and the wind. The job was a constant poke in the eye of death as we reached our 50-foot telescoping poles to the hot sides of these lines. I was putting in applications all over my state trying to find better work for an EE, then one day I got a call saying I could start the following Monday for an automation company. I left my measuring stick hanging on a power line next to a gas station and went home. The next day I strolled into work around 11 wearing flip-flops and shorts. Set a 6-pack down on my desk, threw my feet up and cracked open a cold one. Didn't make it half way through it before my boss lost his mind. I told him I quit and here is all the equipment he issued me. He signs the paper and I leave.

A month later the boss calls saying I never turned in my stick, so I laughed into the phone and hung up. He signed the paper saying I did so screw him."

A Disgruntled Man Leaves A Truck In The Middle Of Nowhere
A Disgruntled Man Leaves A Truck In The Middle Of Nowhere

"11 or 12 years ago. I was working for a moving company. My last two weeks on the job, we'd been going back and forth from Austin to Dallas. It's about 3-4 hrs to make the drive depending on where you're going. Payday comes and I'm about 20 hours short of what I should've had. Bring it up to the boss man and he tells me that we don't get paid for drive time. I'd worked for this guy for around 9 months at this point and that was never mentioned, not once. So, yeah I'm pissed, I just got ripped off big time. The following Monday we have another run to Dallas. Two trucks going this time, coworkers are riding in the other more comfortable truck after we offload. I set this up with a friend who happened to be going back to Austin that evening. I park the moving truck in a shopping center parking lot and hid the keys in a safe spot. Get picked up by my friend, head back home and call my boss in the morning. I told him where to find his truck and his keys and I quit. That's how far your truck goes when you don't pay your guys."

Mechanic Won't Rip Off Customers
Mechanic Won't Rip Off Customers

"I worked for a Midas garage, one week we got a new service manager, and up until that point we always inspected, estimated and sold our own jobs. This new guy wanted to inspect the cars and then check the estimates. Early on a Saturday morning, a girl in her 20s with a baby came into the shop and said her brakes were making noise. I took the ticket, test drove the car, and then pulled it in the shop and inspected the car. I found the left, rear brake shoe had gone metal to metal, I miked the drum, it was ok, wheel cylinders and springs, hardware - all ok. I estimated the ticket, it came out about $150 to fix the car. I went to the new service manager and handed him the estimate, he went and looked at the car. He didn't even take 30 seconds and he said I needed to add wheel cylinders, hardware kit and 2 drums to the estimate. I told him all the parts he wanted to replace were ok, but he said to do it, I just shrugged my shoulders and walked away.

He went back to the service desk and I walked into a completely crowded waiting area, stood in the middle of the room, and proceeded to tell everyone in the room what the new service manager wanted me to do. I turned around and went to go get my truck to load my toolbox and leave. The service manager tried to stop me from loading my box on my truck. About 5 customers came out and helped me lift the box into the truck and then started screaming at the service manager. They all wanted their cars put back together and taken off the lifts. It got so bad that one customer called the cops and the service manager called the owner. The cops and the owner showed up, I was putting the girl's wheels back on, the owner came over to talk to me, I told him what happened and what I did.The owner went over to the service manager who was surrounded by all the angry customers and fired him. I decided at that point I was still going to quit because the owner was just acting. He told that service manager to do the kind of thing he did. At that point, a few other techs were packing their stuff up too. As I was walking up my to truck to leave, the girl walked up to me and thanked me. She asked if I knew another shop that could fix her car, I decided I would fix it myself, so we went to the parts store, got the parts, went to my house, and redid the brakes. Not to make this whole story even longer, but that was in 1989, we've been married for 24 years now. That service manager, couldn't get a job at any shop around. I still see him every once and awhile, gathering up the grocery carts."

The Popcorn Dust Is Too Much For One Man
The Popcorn Dust Is Too Much For One Man

"There was a UPS strike in the '90s and I was employed by them in high school as a sorter. Blockbuster Video at the time had this mail order deal where you'd get a VHS tape and bags of popcorn, like a proto-Netflix thing, I guess. Anyway, all these boxes full of microwave popcorn and VHS tapes would slide down the belt and about half of the popcorn bags would explode or break. After about an hour there was popcorn dust all over. I asked my boss for a mask, and he said that they didn't have any. Some of the drivers walked by wearing masks, and I followed them and found a full cabinet full of masks. I confronted my boss, and he was like 'the masks are for drivers, only.'
So I went back to the sorting area and just stopped working. I just stood there. The belts were backing up with these boxes of popcorn and they would burst and clouds of powdered popcorn butter would fill the air. I waited about 45 minutes before the belt shut off.
I walked out through a haze of popcorn dust, with alarms blaring, people running everywhere trying to figure out what was going on. A lot of people didn't get their VHS tapes that week."

Quitting When They Are Trying To Give You A Raise
Quitting When They Are Trying To Give You A Raise

"I worked for a large home improvement chain for 90 days as a cashier. Quit on my 90-day review.
It stunk. Customers were jerks. Spread literal poop all over the handle to the bathroom stalls, a weird customer wanted to talk about my junk, parents leaving their kids with me as a babysitter without saying a word. Retail was clearly not for me - and this was all within the first 3 months.
Now, I was willing to do whatever they needed, so this ended up meaning that I would be the contractor cashier (the guy at the far end of the store with no one to talk to). I got the morning shifts (be there at 5:30). What contractor works at 5:30? None. I was bored. I wasn't allowed to leave my booth area, had to stand up the whole time, and couldn't even read a book. But screw it, it was a job.
Well, these large companies don't want to pay health insurance, so they refuse to give you over 25 hours a week to keep you part-time. I needed another job. I offered to give the store my nights and weekends. They said no. I offered to give them my days, they said no. So now I feel stuck in a part-time job without set hours, making minimum wage. Maybe they'll move me to full time or my 90-day review will be a nice raise?
My 90 days were up. My boss calls me into her office. She tells me I'm doing a great job and will receive a raise (great!).
'Would you like to see the raise?' she asks, as she covers the paper with her hand and stares at me excitedly.
'Yes, please.'
She moves her hand. 23 cents. 23 freaking cents. At 20 hours a week. A dollar a day before taxes. What??
'OOOKAY, listen. I have to be honest with you. That is insulting. I've tried working with you here for more hours, or to get a second job, but nobody wants to make it happen. To top it off you aren't even giving me enough money to buy a coke out of the vending machine. This just isn't going to work. So here's what I'm going to do: I'm going to the break room now, taking off my smock, grabbing my things and going home. I won't be in again.'
She stares at me horrified as I walk to the break room.
On my way out I am stopped by the HR person who wants to know what's going on. So I explain the situation. She is upset that I didn't ask her about my hour changes because they seemed fair. I told her that the store manager, her boss, was the one to shut down the idea and that I shouldn't have to undermine him to make something simple like that work.
'Well, you really should be giving us 2 weeks notice.'
'I would have been glad to work with you if you guys showed any willingness to work with me in return. However, I've seen none of that in my time here. How about you give one of the other employees more than 25 hours of work, and figure it out. I know you can do it.'

A Kid Brings The Whole Company Down With A Secret Video
A Kid Brings The Whole Company Down With A Secret Video

"The story takes place in Germany, Summer 2010.
I got a summer job at what is essentially an industrial clothes rental and laundry shop (think overalls), for a total duration of three weeks.
When the clothes arrived at my job, I (along with two others) had to follow this procedure:
-Dump them into metal bins and sort them by manufacturer, severity, and kind of the dirt/stains, manufacturer, and color.
-Check the pockets for loose items like change, wrenches, etc (we didn't get gloves for this).
-Scan a barcode that was sewn into the overalls.
You had a certain number of codes you had to scan per hour, which would be ok for people who have been properly instructed on the procedure and had some experience (ie recognize all of the above stuff at a glance).
We all were students aged 16 - 18 who had never really 'worked' before, so we were slow at first. This meant that we were yelled at, told to skip our breaks (clock out for your break, go back to work, clock back in after 30 min) by the boss himself.
On top of this, one of the main clients was a slaughterhouse that let the clothes sit in bags for a week before sending them in in the middle of summer.
They also worked with some knives akin to box cutters which they frequently forgot in their pockets, sometimes with an open blade, too.
So when those overalls came in, everyone got some cuts on their hands. When we went to report the wounds, get them disinfected and patched up, each of us was told to shut up and go back to work.
After two weeks, I was fed up and started bringing my digital camera to work, hid it in my clothes and recorded the conditions when we were unsupervised as well as the audio of multiple run-ins with the boss.
After the last week was up, I went to the police with all the evidence and filed charges.
Early in 2011, I was called to court to give my statement but didn't keep up with the legal proceedings.
Two months ago, I visited my hometown and ran into one of the guys who worked there with me. He told me that the boss/owner was in jail.
During the Investigation, the police found out that on top of endangering workers and breaking labor laws, he was involved with illegal activities and avoided taxes among other things."

A Dispute Ends In A Fight
A Dispute Ends In A Fight

"I once worked as a sewer tech. Terrible job yes, but it actually paid well. I was 19 when I started there, stayed until 23. I actually helped to bring the company up from a mom and pop person to one of the leading companies that did sewer work in Houston Tx. Anyways, I went in one day to work and my boss was in a foul mood. My brother was outside getting parts together and getting the truck ready for the day while I was inside getting paperwork together. My brother closes a toolbox on the truck, I guess too hard according to the boss man, so his boys jump up, run outside, and proceeded to jump down my brother's throat. I go out, tell my brother to get in the car, we will go home for the day and let things cool off. Boss goes bananas, 'If you leave don't come back.' OK I say, give him the company shirt off my back and start getting into my car to leave. Boss then says 'That's right, get off my property, you wimp. 'I say,'Wtf did you just call me, James?' He says 'I called you a wimp. What you gonna do about it?' Now I'm no little guy, 6'4" at about 185lbs, so I say 'I will show you!' then rush him and start putting the beat down on him. I beat him up, right on his own doorstep. So I leave and go home, which was only like 3 blocks away, and like 10 minutes later the cops show at my door. They tell me he called them and said I assaulted him for no reason. I tell them my side, they leave to go talk with him, telling me they will be back, don't leave. 10 minutes later they are back with him in the back of the patrol car because he started stuff with them too. They tell me I have no worries and haul him to jail. I was out of work for 3 days, got on with an asphalt crew that traveled all over the country. I made lots of money and lots of good memories."

A Man Leaves His Boss High And Dry
A Man Leaves His Boss High And Dry

"I worked for this jerk of a contractor for about 3 weeks. He would buy apartments in the college area part of town, renovate them as cheaply (and illegally) as possible. He would yell at me like I was his child, yell at me for not going to college, wouldn't let me handle certain tools or build anything even though I've been doing construction for years, etc. Weird dude; engineering dropout from Drexel.
Anyway, the start of the 3rd week he's got me on this rinky-dink 30-foot ladder swaying in the breeze telling me to start pulling this bay roof off and rebuild it. I tell him no way, if he wants to build scaffolding or rent a boom I'll do it. So he rents the boom (mind you, we have to be 'low key' about this because we didn't pull permits), gets it dropped off, I start loading up my tools when he tells me that I'm not going up. His reasoning is that if I get hurt, he's liable. I was floored.
So I stayed at the bottom while he argued with himself up on the boom about how to fix this roof. Whatever, I was over it. I decided I was just going to find a new job that weekend and tell this guy to screw off until he decides to have a total meltdown on me. Now I'm sure I was being apathetic because I didn't care anymore, but in no way did I deserve the personal attacks he decided to dish out. He's up on the boom screaming at the top of his lungs and I calmly waited for him to finish, looked at him dead in the eyes, said 'screw you.' I walked up to the boom, took the keys out, launched them across the street, got in my truck and left.
Felt so good."

The Boss Wants This Guy To Do Homework
The Boss Wants This Guy To Do Homework

"I worked at a construction company where they would send out canvassers to people's houses to get their info and stuff, then I would call them to set appointments for the guys to come out and do estimates.
Now, my boss was a piece of you know what. Basically, he made us WAY overbook appointments, then, when the estimators couldn't get to the customer's house, HE would call the customer back, reschedule and claim the 'sale' as his own (we made commission). Every day he did this. Then he would yell at us for 'not setting up the appointment properly' and bragging about how he 'saved it.'
I worked there for about a month. The final straw was when he said if we weren't able to set 5 appointments a day, we had to go home and hand-write the script we used for sales, 10 times, each day, like elementary school.
Come again?
So, the first time I didn't set 5 appointments, he sent me a text that night saying he expected the handwritten scripts the next day.
I already had another job lined up, so the next day I was supposed to be there at 9 am, dressed in black slacks, a button up shirt, etc. I had a whole speech prepared that I was gonna say in front of the entire office to make this guy look like a jerk.
I showed up at 11:00, wearing jeans and a T-shirt. Walked into the room where we called people, grabbed my cell phone charger (I had left it plugged in the day before) and started to walk out. The manager, of course, stopped me in the lobby area in front of all the receptionists and stuff and says 'So, I take it you're not gonna work today?' in a pompous tone.
I just turned around, looked at him and said 'I don't do homework,' and walked out.
I talked to one of the receptionists on Facebook a few months later. She said that people STILL say that to him if he asked them to do stuff. Apparently, I was a 'legend' there for quite a while."

Announcing Over The PA Is A Good Move
Announcing Over The PA Is A Good Move

"I worked at a car dealership and the mid-level manager started laying into me because I let some guy walk out of our lot after a short conversation. The thing is I asked the guy what he was looking for and he said: 'I want a new Camry' and we were a Dodge dealership. He was just walking over to Toyota. We went back and forth for a while and he finally said, 'You know what you're just becoming a liability.' So I walked over to our PA system and said, 'Chris says I'm a liability so I quit.' The GM walked out of his office with a wtf look on his face because I was a top salesman. I looked over at Chris and said over the PA 'Isn't that what you said Chris?' and he nods sheepishly. I got in my car and did a donut and drove off."

Quitting Leads To Free Football And Pizza
Quitting Leads To Free Football And Pizza

"My buddy and I worked in a warehouse one summer during college. We loaded the trucks with merchandise to be shipped to various stores. On our last day (this was through a temp agency), the belts broke down so the products couldn't come down to the loading area. We were told that our shift, which was supposed to be 6 hours, would be extended to about 12 - 14. We noped right then and there and clocked out.
This is the sweet part. We got in the car and turned on our favorite rock station which happened to be having a contest for a couple of NFL tickets. We were the first ones there and told the DJ our story. He said if one of us could eat a large pizza right there, we got the tickets. My buddy happens to be a big eater and the way he ripped through that pizza was awe-inspiring. And that's how I attended my first ever pro football game."

A Man Is Tired Of His Boss' Nonsense
A Man Is Tired Of His Boss' Nonsense

"I worked in the warehouse of a flooring place the summer after my sophomore year of undergrads in college. I mostly drove for pickups and deliveries of materials such as carpet, tile, rugs, grout, etc. The owner was insufferable. He was a rich, old white guy probably in his 70's. He would make me go get him Swisher Sweet for him at the nearest gas station. He didn't smoke them, he chewed them and spit them out on the floor of my warehouse. He would then yell at me to keep the floors clean.
One morning I had to deliver some padding to a city 3 hours away and I had to leave early. There was a carpet delivery truck at the warehouse that needed unloading from the loading dock when I arrived, and he told me to 'hurry up and unload the truck,' so that I could get on the road. So that's what I did.
That was a Friday. There were three of us who worked the warehouse and we rotated Saturdays. This one was mine. Saturdays were usually a bit slow, so we mostly organized the warehouse, set up the showroom displays, and did whatever he wanted us to do. After sweeping up his mess, he handed me a list of carpet colors to bring from the warehouse to the showroom. He left to do something else and came back a while later to check on the progress. Apparently, there were two colors with the exact same name from two different brands. He literally called me stupid to my face. I got fed up and left early for the day. I told the secretary: 'If he asks where I am, tell him I got fed up with his nonsense.' She chuckled a little, and I bolted.
Monday morning I strolled in at my regular time and was confronted by him immediately in the middle of the warehouse with everyone watching. He didn't pull me aside or anything. The conversation went as follows (important for context - he knew I was applying to pharmacy school):
Boss: 'Why did you put all the big rolls of carpet on top of the small rolls?'
Me: 'You told me to hurry and get the carpet off the truck so I could get on the road.'
Boss: 'When you do that, the small rolls get squished by the weight of the big ones. You have to put the small ones on top.'
Me: 'I know that, but I didn't have time to handle them all twice because I had to leave. You told me to just get them off the truck. I figured someone else would organize them while I was gone.'
Boss: 'We also need to talk about Saturday. What happened?'
Me: 'I got tired of the way you talk to me so I left.'
Boss: 'What did I say to you?'
Me: 'You called me stupid.'
Boss: 'Well, if you make a mistake like that in a pharmacy, someone is going to die.'
Me: 'But this isn't the pharmacy, this is stupid carpet.'
Boss: 'If that's the way you feel, you can leave.'
MIC DROP - I walked out
There were two kinds of people watching this go down, his family who he hired as salespeople, and the blue collar workers like my warehouse guys and the installers. His family looked on with mouths agape in disbelief that anyone would talk to him like that. The rest were grinning ear to ear that someone finally did."

Ghosting On Two Jobs At Once
Ghosting On Two Jobs At Once

"Working as a material handler (forklift operator) in warehousing. I was also relatively handy with computers and data entry compared to others around this region, so I would lend a hand with that sometimes. The data entry person left the company, and I was asked to help out with that for a few days while also doing my regular work. Few days turned into weeks, and I was struggling to catch up from leftover work each successive day. I could see they were not in a hurry to replace the person I was covering when I was 'able' to do both jobs. No pay increase either. I let management know I was unhappy with the situation a few times, but nothing happened. I decided it was time to move forward with attempting to monetize my photography hobby which I had been doing for free or a couple of years to build a following. I walked out on a Friday, no discussion, no notice, just left my badge on the desk. They called the next week asking where I was, wanting to know what they could do to get me to come back. Too late, my mind was made up."

A Man Gets A Worthless Raise
A Man Gets A Worthless Raise

"I needed a job. I was out of money for school. I, at the time, had about five years of trade experience. This was a few years ago when the Bakken oil shale was still going strong. I took a significant pay cut to get this job, it was in the Bakken and was told that at 90 days I'd get a review and it'd be worth it. The housing they promised was awful. North Dakota was awful. I held out for 90 days to see this awesome raise, thinking oil field, big money was coming.
'You're a great employee, we're very happy having you on board, etc.' Seventy-five cents! I thought about it, said screw this, I have some pride. Scribbled a resignation letter that said 'Here's 75 cents worth of notice - I quit.'
Left it on supervisors desk and went home. I got a call the next day, I ignored it. Got a text, 'Can't believe this is your notice.'"

A Manager Angers All His Mechanics With His Cheap Ways
A Manager Angers All His Mechanics With His Cheap Ways

"Back when I worked at a car dealership as a mechanic, the service manager was screwing mechanics out of paychecks. Cutting appointments, and only paying us for 30 hours of work at minimum wage instead of paying our normal hourly rate. The next payday that came, the service manager came out and made an announcement saying he was going to extend hours and weekends with no pay difference. So at 7:20 am, before the day even started, I walked right out to my truck, backed it into my bay, and loaded my tools up and left. He asked me to reconsider, and reminded me that 'you're guaranteed minimum wage!' Yeah? Screw you. I heard after that stunt, 3 other people quit without notice and he was asked to leave the dealership."

A Man Just Walks Out
A Man Just Walks Out

"Last year I was working in a plastics factory. I was tired and depressed in that setting, not going to school. One day, after my machine broke down, I did the thing I always wanted to do, which was quit by just walking out of the factory. So when the machine broke down I just walked towards the exit with my jacket and backpack as my co-workers called out to me asking where I'm going. 'I'm out,' was all I said and I rode my motorcycle to my friend's house and just chilled there for the day. I ended up getting a part-time job and going back to school full-time and I am much happier with my life."

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