A Regular Joe, Handyman, Businessman, And Painter All Walk Into A Cab
A Regular Joe, Handyman, Businessman, And Painter All Walk Into A Cab

"This didn't happen to me, but it happened to a colleague of mine. So he's in a line at the central station as the second car. The first car just got a customer and as that car leaves out of nowhere, four different people all get into his car at once: a handyman type fellow, a businessman, a painter, and a regular joe. One of them tells him to follow the car that just left, the one that was in front of him in the line.

He follows the car but the ride is dead silent and he's starting to get worried that maybe it's not such a great idea to comply with these random people. Before he has thought it through, the car they're following stops after a short ride and they ask him to stop a bit further back. As soon as he stops, all four of them just jump out and leave the cab empty without having paid the fare.

Before he has time to process what just happened, a woman gets in at the front passenger side and wants to pay for the ride. She also offers an apology and an explanation. They were all undercover cops. She showed her badge and told him that they had to keep surveillance on that person in the first cab. She paid and then quickly ran off. We never got to know more than that though."

Riding Cop Style
Riding Cop Style

"My roommate had to do this at the San Diego International airport. He dropped off his buddy and was saying his goodbyes with the car running when they notice the car rolling away. Some guy was stealing his car in broad daylight. He grabbed the next taxi he saw and yelled, 'Follow that car! Someone's stealing my car!' After a fun little aggressive chase onto the highway trying to pin the stolen car down cop style, the thief stopped and booked it down the highway. The taxi driver was said to have the biggest delight doing this. My roommate got his car back, the taxi driver refused the money, and everything was right in the world."

'Following' His Heart
'Following' His Heart

"I drove cabs years ago in Australia. I'm in the cab line at Roma Street Station when a very attractive young woman hops into the cab in front of mine. Within seconds of her getting in, a young man opened the door to my cab and jumped in. He said, 'This is going to sound really corny, but can you follow that cab?' He pointed at the cab that was in front of us, which is the one the young woman got into. Driving a cab can be pretty boring at times, especially when you're sitting at a rank for ages so I agreed. We waited for the cab to pull out. Then we waited. And waited some more. The driver of the other cab opens his door and gets out, then moves around to the front of the cab and lifts the bonnet. The cab won't start. It looks terminal so the woman gets out of the cab and comes back to ours as it's the only other cab on the rank.

She sticks her head in the window and asks if she can get a ride with us. I turn to the young man and ask if that's ok and obviously, he says yes. The young woman had to get to the airport as she had some business in Sydney apparently, so I headed that way while they sat in the back making small talk. By the time we get to the airport, she's given the young man her phone number. I dropped her off and asked the young man where he wants to go. He tells me to go back to Roma Street Station. Apparently, he was changing trains there on the way to work and spotted the young woman at the train station. So back we go and this guy has a grin on his face that was so big I was worried it would meet up at the back of his head. When we get back to Roma Street, he offers to give me a tip which I refuse. I told him the story alone was worth any tip he could give and he seemed fine with that."

What Was Her Boyfriend Thinking?
What Was Her Boyfriend Thinking?

"I once got a taxi to follow that car. I finished university slightly earlier and moved back home to get work. My friends who I lived with got a new flatmate, who we'll call Elle. My friends said she was lovely even if her boyfriend was a bit strange. Fast forward two months and I go over to visit. I meet Elle and everything's going brilliantly and we all head to the pub to meet other friends. The night continues and we are all having a great time and Elle says her boyfriend's coming down. He comes down after having been partying heavily and Elle instantly changes, completely retreating into herself. Then the boyfriend starts to fight with her. Two of her friends and I head out for a smoke to have a chat about what to do next.

Suddenly, the boyfriend drags Elle out of the pub and into his car that was outside and drives off. In a second, my friend and I have hailed a taxi and jumped in to yell at the driver, 'FOLLOW THAT CAR!' The driver jumps and follows the car while my friend and I are frantically explaining what happened and trying to text our friends who are still in the pub. The chase continues right back to the street in front of the flat where the boyfriend stops the car and gets out to let Elle out. The taxi driver stops, leaps out and grabs the boyfriend. My friend gets Elle out of the car and into the taxi and I'm standing there going, 'What do I do?' So I called the police. They come arrest the boyfriend for driving under the influence and the taxi driver takes the three of us back to the pub. By then, I realize my bag is in the pub and we have no money on us to pay him. He turns around and says, 'I'm not charging you girls for that, best fun I've had in ages!'"

In Hot Pursuit
In Hot Pursuit

"We took an Uber ride home after a night at the bar. We pulled out of the parking lot and a car backed into our driver's car. Our driver said, 'I don't think so,' and went to get out of the car to check the damage and what not. The other car (a jeep) took off over the curb to get away. Our driver went in hot pursuit mode and the four of us were along for the ride. We were on the phone with the police when the jeep pulled into a parking lot out of the restaurant. As we went to chase behind the building, the jeep hit a huge pothole and just kept on going. There was no way out car could make it so our chase ended there. The cops showed up about five minutes later and took statements from all of us. They ended up catching the other driver I guess, but it was a crazy event to be a part of."

"Some Real Life Movie Stuff"

"My roommate was at a bachelor party in New Orleans. After four days of shenanigans, they all were scheduled to fly out at different times but decided to cab it to the airport together. My roommate had the latest departure time. So when they get to the airport, they pay the cab and walk into the terminal. My roommate realizes that he left his phone in the cab. One of his friends pulls out his phone and starts calling the phone. The first time it rings all the way through to voicemail. Every call afterward rings a couple of times then gets rejected. His friend suggests that he use the find my iPhone app to track the phone. His friend lets him log into is Apple ID and they see his phone going into the city. At this point, his friend has to go because it's getting close to his departure time. So my roommate pulls out his old phone, which just by chance he had, and turns it on. It works but his battery is low. He only has an hour before his departure but decides to go find the phone. He hails the cab and tells him 'Just drive, we're on a mission.'

They start driving into the city and the little blue dot is all over. At one point it goes back out to the airport but they decide to wait for it to return to the city. When it finally does, they end up getting really close and what looks like only a couple of blocks behind it. The dot stops moving and goes gray. They pull into its last known location and it's a gas station. The trail has gone cold.

Desperate, he runs into the gas station to ask if they saw a cab fueling up here. The attendant says yes and agrees to let him see the tapes to possibly get the cab number. As the attendant is getting the tapes, the dot goes blue again. My roommate goes running out of the gas station yelling at the cab driver to get in and go. They race across town and they pull up on the blue dot. They are right on top of it. They're looking around to see if they can see it and they spot the cab across the median parked on the side of the road. Now, this isn't a normal median. There is a guardrail with about a 10-foot drop behind it. It's about a block long. My roommate gets out of the cab and starts yelling at the cab driver from across the street that he has his phone. The cab driver denies it and plays dumb.

My roommate looks both ways down the long median as he's standing about halfway down from either end. He starts running in one direction to get around the median and to the cab. When he gets to the cab, he looks in the back seat. Between the seats, everywhere. He can't find it. He shows the cab driver the blue dot on the app and is telling him he has it. The driver keeps denying it and says he doesn't know. Meanwhile, the other cab driver was watching the whole thing and saw the scumbag driver messing around in the back of the SUV. So he yells over to my roommate to check in the back and that he was probably hiding it something there. Sure enough, his phone was there. He tells the scumbag some harsh words and runs back to the other cab. They make it back to the airport with only about 15 minutes to spare. He paid the driver $200 bucks (fare was around $95) and gave him an awesome story.

The driver was amazed and couldn't believe what they were doing the whole time. 'Some real-life movie stuff' is how the cab driver explained it."

Making Moves Like A
Making Moves Like A "Two-person SWAT Team"

"We didn't follow another cab but we chased down a bus. This story involves an off-duty cabbie, some Irish exchange students, and the police.

My wife and I had gone out on the town and opted to take the bus home as we often do. We had only one bus transfer to make along our route home and weren't really paying attention until we noticed we were at the transfer stop. We jumped out of our seats and dove out of the closing doors just in time. That's when she realized, in our rush to get off the bus, she left her purse behind. Unable to catch the bus driver's attention, we frantically waved down a cab. Our lucky cab driver's light wasn't even on (he was off his shift) but our looks of desperation must've caught his eye. We jumped into the cab and I pointed ahead and shouted 'Follow that bus!'

The next few minutes assured me that hearing those few words must be a cab driver's dream. Our driver smashed the gas peddle, and with tires squealing, we blasted off down the road, darting between cars and racing to beat yellow lights. The bus was out of our sights, but knowing they're all GPS-tracked, I was able to pinpoint its location just a couple of blocks ahead of us. We caught up quickly enough, and without even thinking about it, we bailed out of the cab and stormed the bus like a two-person SWAT team.

Unfortunately, the purse was nowhere to be found. Despite the bus traveling only a couple of extra stops, somebody had already made off with it. We stepped off the idling bus, certain that we'd have to spend the next couple of weeks dealing with reporting stolen credit cards, getting her a new license, a new phone.

Wait, her phone! In another act of desperation, I called it a couple of times. I texted her number with a reward offer. No response. After a minute or so, our cab driver pulled alongside us and offered us a ride home. We were in such an adrenaline-fueled rush, we'd completely forgotten to pay the guy the first time, and here he is with this kind gesture. We politely declined, I handed him a cash tip and thanks for the ride, and he pulled away leaving us soaked in defeat. And then my phone rang. It was her number. I answer the phone. 'Hello? This is Officer so-and-so.' The cop has the purse! It's safe! Now, I've gotta say, my wife was remarkably composed through this point in the ordeal, but when heard that the police had her purse just a couple of blocks away, all of those emotions finally came out in tears.

When we got down the street, we saw blue lights flashing and a couple of officers speaking with two young kids and a homeless-looking person on the ground. I introduced myself to the officers, and they explained what happened. The two Irish students were on holiday and happened to be on the same bus. They noticed us in our rush off the bus and saw the homeless fellow move to our seats and start sorting through my wife's purse. Their hostel was the very next stop, and fortunately, the opportunistic homeless man decided to take off with his findings as soon as he had the chance. By another stroke of luck, they managed to flag down a police car right away; those officers quickly detained the homeless man and called me.

My wife and I felt extremely fortunate throughout this whole experience. We didn't ask for any charges to be filed against the homeless man (after all, I can't blame somebody for being opportunistic when they're that low in life). In fact, when the officers provided my wife the contents of the homeless man's pockets (he'd stuffed away everything from her purse), she found a $1 bill that she didn't believe was hers and gave it back. As for the Irish kids, I offered to buy them both a couple of rounds. Unfortunately, despite their certain experience, they weren't of legal age in the United States. They said they were just happy to help and to have a story to tell."

"My Heart Was Racing"

"I once had a taxi chase a bus for me. I was visiting my girlfriend at a remote part of Costa Rica around 12 hours away from home. The only road to get there goes through a very mountainous region so that's why it takes so long to get there despite Costa Rica being so small. So I planned on coming back home on the first bus Sunday morning, - the only one that was not completely sold out - because I had to work on Monday. According to my girlfriend, there were two places where I could take the bus: the terminal and a stop at the outskirts of the town. She decided it would be nice to wait for the bus at the stop so we could spend a little longer together, so I said, 'Okay, why not?' We were at the stop and for a moment she started kissing me and we got distracted. All of the sudden, the bus passed by! We both freaked out.

She started walking towards the taxi stop nearby and I followed, not understanding what she was planning. She picked a cab and told me, 'Get inside the car' and then told the driver, 'He missed the bus, follow it!' The guy floored the gas and I fastened my seatbelt.

Trust me, the ride was like being on a roller coaster with all the turns and hills. My heart was racing! We finally spot the bus after 20 very dangerous minutes, the moment at which the cab driver started honking over and over again. The bus doesn't stop. So at the first straight part of the road that we reach, the taxi sped up, passed the bus, and forced it to stop. The bus driver yells, 'Dude! What are you doing? You want to die?' I paid and got off the taxi and showed the bus driver my ticket only to find out that (surprise!) it was not the bus I was supposed to take! Mine had not passed yet. So I was left stranded for like 20 min in the middle of the jungle wondering what's gonna happen.

Finally, my bus arrived. I got on, took a seat and proceeded to vomit my guts out. I threw up three times in the first hour of the ride. I had only one bag to collect it and somehow some of the vomit ended overflowing and falling on my pants. Ten hours later or so, I was finally home."

"I Knew Something Was About To Go Down"

"I used to be a taxi driver a few years ago in a smaller town in California. One of the most popular things to do in this town was to party at one of the few bars in town and I made decent money by getting those people home every night. One night in particular around last call, I picked up a group at a bar that was headed to an after party to continue their adventure with several cars following to the new 'spot.'

Once we get to the new party spot, which was an apartment complex of all places, and my passengers vacate, I notice a large crowd all converging quickly toward the entrance of the complex. I knew something was about to go down so I made my way toward the entrance and positioned myself in a way that I could see what was going on but could easily get out of there if I needed to. Apparently, before I had picked up my fare, there had been some words exchanged or some drama at the bar. A couple carloads of angry and offended bar-goers had followed the convoy to the new party spot and intended to continue whatever happened at the bar. The fight breaks out when some dude is punched sitting down in his truck. There had to be about 30 people getting involved and for some reason, everyone just jumped out of their cars and left them running with the doors open before engaging in full-on fistfights. During all this craziness, I notice a dude run across the street and jump into somebody else's Infinity G35, and this is where everything got unreal for me.

The guy throws it in reverse and slams into three separate parked cars. I'm thinking, 'He's going to hit me' and quickly back out of the way. He flips around with half the car hanging and starts to take off. The owner of the car starts running down the street after him and I'm like, 'I have to chase this guy.' So I flip around and try to catch up to him as safely as I could. He was pulled over right around the corner possibly reflecting on what had just happened and I was immediately calling 911.

During the call, he started driving again and I started following. Eventually, he realized what I was doing and started driving recklessly in residential areas and I wasn't about to get hurt or have any further damage done, so I backed off. Not even a minute later, the police were swarming the area and they had him pulled over and in custody."

Bachelor Party Gone Wrong
Bachelor Party Gone Wrong

"I am not a taxi driver. However, I did have a legitimate reason to jump into a cab and yell, 'Follow that cab!' at the driver. I was at a bachelor party in Chicago and we all met at O'Malley's or one of the other thousand Irish bars to watch a pay-per-view boxing match and party, then we went to another spot. We knew the bar manager at the spot and they were hooking us up with good deals. The groom had been partying way too hard and it was showing. He ended up dancing with some girl and kind of making out with her on the dance floor. All of this would have been 'ok' if it weren't for the fact that two of the groomsmen were brothers of the bride. They were not cool with watching their future brother-in-law make out with some random chick. So they went up to stop it.

One brother went up to her friends and had them remove the girl. The rest of us went up to our buddy and dragged him off of the dance floor. This pissed off the groom big time. He's such a giant baby. To be honest, I don't even talk to this guy anymore. This night isn't 100 percent why, but it certainly played a factor in removing him from my life. He was belligerent. Our group sort of tuned him out and continued partying in the bar. A little bit of time goes by and out of the corner of my eye, I see the groom stumble out of the bar and out into the street. I was the only one who noticed and the only one who seemed to care. When I pointed it out to the others, they just shrugged and kept playing. I walked outside to get him just in time to see him hop into a cab and take off down the block. I jumped into another cab and screamed, 'FOLLOW THAT CAB!' I should have left that jerk to go off on his own. What happened next was absolutely ridiculous. The guy goes to another bar down on Rush Street, miles away from where we were. I catch up with him as he goes in and starts stealing other people's cups when their backs are turned. Now his fiancee starts blowing up my phone and is screaming at me to return her future husband. I try to explain to her that I didn't run off with him and that I was the only one keeping an eye on him, but she wouldn't listen. Somehow I was the jerk in the situation.

I ended up getting into a bar fight with this guy and we were kicked out. Now we are miles from our hotel room and I didn't even know which hotel we were staying at since I met them all there and this dude was too far gone to relay any useful information. Hours go by and finally, one of my other friends catches up to us and we navigate our way back to the hotel and deposit the groom in the lobby. Instead of staying, I hop on an early train back home. Those guys sucked. I really wish I hadn't tried to follow him. I did actually go to the wedding the following weekend. I rationalized that he was just partying way too much that night."

You Hate To See That
You Hate To See That

"A lady told me to follow a car to a house. When we arrived, she told me wait and proceeded to get out and intercept her husband who was going to his second family. He looked completely caught and guilty, she just stared daggers at him and got back in the taxi and told me to drive, whereupon she told me what was going on and I gave her a free 30 minute ride home."

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