"He Gets Out Of The Car And That's When I Noticed Them"

"I was late night 'gravel roading' with a friend, basically just cruising back roads in the middle of nowhere when we came upon a severed cow head in the middle of the road. This was a long stretch of gravel miles away from anything. I was a bit freaked out and decided to reverse out but my buddy was all like, 'Screw that, I'll go move it.'
He gets out of the car and picks it up and that's when I noticed them, around 20 or more white robed and hooded figures are starting to come out of the woods around the road. I screamed at him to get in the freaking car and tossed gravel getting out of there. To this day I have no clue what it was, the story in town was devil worshipers or druids, but I don't think anyone really knew what it was."

He Remember Her
He Remember Her

"One late foggy night I was trying to hurry my way home since I was past curfew. I lived in a small boondock town with only one red light. Well I'm rushing and only thinking about the beat down my dad is gonna give me when I stop at a stop sign. As soon as I looked both ways a man slammed his hand on my passenger window. I screamed and he stepped back and just started waving at me with a crazy crooked grin, He must have been some drifter or drugged out grandpaw. After I screamed I peeled out and made it home.

A couple of weeks later I went to Subway after school to grab a bite. I got back in my car and looked in the rear view to back up and what do I see? That same old man waving at me and I knew he remembered me. I cried all the way home."

"I Had Nightmares For Years Of Her Running Towards My Car"

I was driving home at 4 AM or so from my night job and it was just me on an empty highway as far as I could see.

I saw a woman in a white mini-dress and no shoes running down the highway screaming. She had makeup smeared all down her face and her hair was all messed up. I slowed down and kind of stopped, just staring at her. I was thinking of every horror movie ever seen and yep, this is how it starts.

She ran up to my car window and I nearly peed my pants because yep, not makeup and messed up hair, but blood everywhere all over her face and her hair was missing/smeared with blood in spots.

About half a mile down the road there was a rollover accident. Convertible, no seat belts, all three people drunk.

Bloody mini-dress woman was the only survivor (and she was badly disfigured from road burn) and she ran half a mile in the dark down a highway trying to get help for her friends. I called 911 and waited with this poor drunk bloody woman in my car.

God it was awful. I had nightmares for years of her running right towards my car on an empty road.

Don't drive drunk without seat belts in a convertible, there are easier ways to die."

"I'm In The Middle Of The Backwoods On This Dirt Road"

"I used to work second shift and got off around 11:30 one night, drove over to my girlfriend's house and stayed there for few hours. A pretty bad thunder storm starts up and I decide to head home (my dog hates storms, didn't want to leave her alone).
There are two ways back to my house from hers, one runs through town and takes 20 minutes or so and one is a single lane dirt road and only takes about 8 minutes. This night I chose the dirt road, and by the way, there are zero houses on this dirt road for about an 8-mile stretch.
It's raining hard, I'm in the middle of the Alabama backwoods creeping down this dirt road when I come around a curve and there is a very large man standing right in the middle of the road wearing a black hoodie with his hood up, dark colored pants, and dark shoes. I slammed on the brakes and stopped, he takes a few steps towards my truck, and I freaked out and threw my truck into reverse, backed up, and he runs towards me and then darts into the woods.
Due to being in the middle of nowhere I didn't have cell reception so as soon as I got home I called the cops and reported it. Two nights later a woman had a similar experience but this time he actually tried to get into her car.
Police searched the woods several times and found a 'camp' but never found the guy."

"When We Came To Some Houses Things Got Weird"

"It was early December about five or six years ago. I was deeply religious at the time and some friends and I were headed to one of those 'living nativity' things where they have actors pretend to be the Virgin Mary, Joseph, the wise men, etc and they kind of put on a show outdoors. It was held at a Christian campground outside of a nearby city and we didn't know the area very well, so we had someone give us directions. This was winter so it was already getting dark when we set out.

We got to the area just fine but we forgot the name of the exit we were supposed to take to actually reach the grounds. Luckily, the campgrounds had a big sign right next to an exit, so we assumed this was the way to go. We took this road and thought nothing of it; crisis averted.

The city this campground is next to is actually pretty large and the exit we took is very close to a shopping district, so it wasn't like we started in the middle of nowhere, but very abruptly this exit turned from civilization to deep woods. We thought, well, it's a campground, so that's about right, and we kept driving.

Pretty soon we passed a clearing on the right. The clearing was maybe 50 feet, and then woods again, and at the very edge of the woods was this HUGE stone gate with wrought-iron doors. It looked like a cemetery gate, but it didn't lead to a path or anything, just trees. Had no fence around it either, just the gate. We kept going, remarking to each other that it was kind of creepy, but still, we didn't think much of it. It was starting to get foggy at this point. A little while later, we came to some houses and this is where things got weird.

The first house was just a standard white suburban house, but in the driveway, which was very short, was a van with all the doors open. The hazard lights were on, too, like the car was on, but nobody was in it or around it and the house was completely dark.

We were a little nervous now, wondering if maybe something bad happened, like an accident or something, and we slowed down to look. Then, my other friend in the front pointed ahead. As it turns out, all of the houses on this street were like this, on both sides of the road. Lights out, cars in the driveways, all of the doors on the cars open with the hazards on.

At this point we're more than a little freaked out, thinking we've driven straight into Silent Hill.

We continued to drive and there was a little bend in the road and the instant we started through it this massive black dog, sort of German Shepherd looking, came out of nowhere and ran full speed at the driver's side of the car then stood right in front of us in the road, barking its head off. We did a quick u-turn and we got out of there as fast as possible, ditched the nativity thing and never tried to go back.

We found out when we got home and talked to the person who gave us directions that we didn't take the right exit. Several years later, we're not exactly sure which exit we took that night, all I know is I'm glad we chose to get out when we did. I don't want any part of whatever was going on there that night, no thanks, that's a hard pass."

"This Thing Had Been In There With Me For Three Hours"

"This is Australia. I drove about three hours at night from my father's rural property back into town. Dark all the way. I made no stops, it was an uneventful trip.

Until I began to reach civilization at last, and in the faint illumination of motorway lights I saw a large, crumpled shape on the dashboard directly in front of me. It quickly resolved itself to be a huntsman spider sitting on the dash with front legs raised and looking STRAIGHT AT ME.

I hadn't opened the door in three hours. This thing had been in there with me for three hours.

I was able to pull over soon at a service station and pump the car full of insecticide. I never found the body."

"50 Miles Later It's Still Following Me"

"Back in college, I was driving home one late night, about a 2-hour drive. I noticed this truck with round shaped headlights following me on the freeway but thought nothing of it and just thought we happen to be going the same way. Each freeway change it was still following me. 50 miles later, it's still following me staying behind me at a constant speed and good distance. I got a bit agitated. 2 hours later, I finally reached my exit to my hometown and it made the exit too. I knew something was up. I instantly pulled into a 24-hour McDonalds drive-thru to see if it would follow me still. It follows me into the parking lot and realizing I pulled in line into a drive-thru, it u-turned and drove off. When I left the McDonalds parking lot, I was paranoid that the truck was just waiting around the corner to re-follow me again. Luckily it never reappeared. So I went home. To this day, I'm still not sure what its deal was."

"It Appears To Be An Enormous Bonfire Surrounded By Mutants"

"Middle of nowhere rural PA, heading to a state park known for stargazing. We're on the main road, still about 1/2 an hour away from the turn we need to make when I see a sign telling us to turn left to go to that park. I'd heard they were connecting a couple of roads and that there'd be a shortcut to the park from this main road so I assumed it was finished and we'd stumbled onto it.

We turned left to take the shortcut and almost immediately regretted it. In just 2-3 miles, we'd gone from beautiful, quaint countryside to some creepy dilapidated town that scared the bejeezus out of me. My husband seemed fine so I told myself I was just overreacting.

I see a fire up ahead to the left near a fork in the road. As we get closer, it appears to be an enormous bonfire surrounded by Wrong Turn type mutants all milling about the fire. There were some crappy campers and a couple of trucks parked around them. The houses looked like tar paper shacks or the oldest, cheapest hunting cabins you've ever seen.

They were all guys and all dressed like old-timey prospectors or something. Looked like the Mountain Men guys who hunt Bigfoots and such but totally menacing and evil. About 15-20 guys, no women or children in sight.

As we approached, they all stopped talking and turned to stare at our vehicle, then a couple started walking towards the road. I was consumed by this overwhelming feeling of dread and suddenly scared for my life.

Before I could say a word, my husband floored it, probably doubling our speed and swerved around the creepers as we flew up the hill, taking the fork on the right. He was white-knuckling it and slowed as soon as the fire faded from my sight but I was terrified that they'd come after us.

My husband just said, 'I don't know what that was but it wasn't people - where are we?'

The whole thing was so frightening but I couldn't really express WHY I was so terrified, I just was. My husband is never afraid of anything, real or paranormal so the fact that he was freaking out scared me more than anything.

We eventually made it to the park but didn't stay long as we were both exhausted and still on edge. We did not leave the way we came and took our usual route back. We talked about it all night but really couldn't figure out what was going on there that scared us so much, just that the 'people' and the place itself seemed wrong and evil.

He put it best when he said 'those hillbilly mutants looked like they'd eat you and violate me.' So once the sun was up in the morning we decided to go back and check it out in the daylight. We took the same major road and made the same left turn at the sign for the state park.

We were in a small town that looked nothing like what we'd seen the night before. There were a little gas station and a tiny market on the right and some small but neat houses on the left. We eventually came to the fork in the road but the 'field' to the left where we saw the weirdos and the fire and everything was mostly a pond. We checked maps, drove around for hours and talked to locals but there was no other turn off of the main road pointing towards the state park except for that turn and the one miles further ahead that we normally used.

That was almost 10 years ago and I still have no idea what we actually saw that night."

She Was Worried Whoever Stabbed Him Would Come Back
She Was Worried Whoever Stabbed Him Would Come Back

"Driving through a bad neighborhood at night, I see a man wearing a black tee and cap holding his stomach and staggering in pain. Walking in and out of the road, and I notice that there is blood. At this time I'm 17 and 100 pound girl. So I'm scared to pull over for myself, but I do it anyway. I keep my door open and chase him down. He has been stabbed twice in the stomach, and his face is beat purple. I have him sit by my car, call police and wait for them to arrive. I was worried that the person(s) who did this were still after him and really had to keep my watch while telling him to hold his wounds at tight as he can. Luckily, the cops came, and I left. Not sure what happened to the man after that."

"A Car Was Stopped In The Middle Of The Road"

"This one time I was driving to my brother's town when I started seeing the same white Honda Civic parked on the side of the road and I mean exactly the same. I thought nothing of it at first because it's a pretty common car but was a little confused they were all white and I'd never seen them before. After I had passed the 7th one I was starting to think it was my tiredness getting to me. I was getting close to home when I saw brake lights in the distance and I was gaining on them fast, though I knew I couldn't have been going over 100 km (62 mph).
As I got closer my suspicions were confirmed: it was a car stopped in the middle of the road. And it was, in fact, a white Civic. And if my life was a horror movie I made the worst choice ever and I got out to check on the driver. But there was no driver, the car was running and there was no house in sight and no one for miles! I had a good look around and I couldn't see anyone it was just me and the two cars, it was a nice Civic too, there was nothing in the car and it looked really clean. I stayed for about 10 minutes hoping the driver would show up and give me some answers but nope, it's just nothing but crickets so I left and never saw the Civics down that road again and to this day if I see one it kinda freaks me out."

"I Notice Two Things About The Figure Walking On The Road"

"I was driving home late one night somewhere between 1 and 3 am The stretch of road I was driving goes through the back end of a couple of counties in the Deep South. Nothing around but forests, fields, and the occasional group of shacks huddling under a light that only barely keeps away the night. I'd driven this stretch of road many times before, even at this time of night, so it wasn't really a big deal. Since there was rarely any traffic that time of night I was able to turn the stereo up and push the pedal down.

And then I came to this bridge. Nothing really noteworthy about it - it's not ancient or a covered bridge or all that spooky, just a concrete span over swampland and trees growing right up near the edge and turning the road into a dim trail at the bottom of a dark canyon. I'd been over this bridge many times before and aside from being fairly long, it wasn't really noteworthy, until that night.

It was humid out and as the temperature dropped there was a little bit of fog. Not enough to really slow me down, but I had to turn off the high-beams. So I'm shooting across the bridge and it hits me that it seems to be taking longer than normal to get across it. Maybe I was just tired? Maybe my mind was playing tricks on me?
And when I thought I was finally getting to the end of it I saw a figure walking on the opposite side of the road. At first, no big deal, right? A guy walking in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night, probably lives nearby, probably been drinking, so I watch them to make sure they don't fall in front of the car.

But my mind is already racing. I mean, this is the middle of nowhere. There are no houses around. There are no lights but the stars and my headlights stabbing out at the darkness.

And as I whiz by going way too fast for my own good, I notice two things: First, the figure is wearing what appears to be a straight jacket, the sleeves undone, and the straps trailing to the ground, glaring white against the background of the night. No mistaking it. Second, it has no face. Not like, there's no head there, there's a head shape, but the place where a face should be there is no face, just an expanse of darkness that I took to be his skin.

I chalked it up to going really fast, the contrast between white jacket and dark skin at night, and thinking creepy thoughts. I mean, surely I couldn't have just seen that. I tried to spot him in my rear view mirror, but it was so dark there was nothing to be seen. I slowed down a little and was suddenly off the end of the bridge and on normal two-lane blacktop again.

I briefly considered turning around, seeing what it was. Surely it was just a trick of the light or my mind playing tricks on me, right? But I still remember my heart pounding and fear as I sped on through the darkness, driving home."

"They Were Just Staring At Me"

"This one time I was driving home from a night class and hit a deer on a road about a mile away from home. The thing went flying and fell in a ditch on the side of the road. I immediately pulled over and grabbed a flashlight to see if the deer was okay. I'm not sure how it managed to get away without me noticing but it was gone as soon as I was out of the car. I looked around for a bit to see if I could find it and determine if I needed to get someone to put it down or if it would be fit to let go (this wasn't the first deer I've hit). What was kinda creepy though, after looking around I was completely surrounded by deer on both sides of the road, all of whom were just staring at me, completely frozen and silent like they were judging me.

"I Called Out For The Dog"

"I grew up in rural Kansas near the Oklahoma border, lived about 30 miles from the nearest town for a good chunk of that time on a cattle ranch. Very isolated, very dark, and very creepy at night. We had some neighbors not too far off from us, they lived maybe 5 or 6 miles away on the main road that led to my house; these people owned two very large dogs that looked similar to each other, Retriever mixes I believe.
Anyway, I was about sixteen, driving home by myself after some high school event. I knew I had a long drive home, so I kind of zoned out for most of it, but when I got maybe 3 miles away from my neighbors' I spotted two animal eyes staring at me from the side of the road. Deer are a huge problem out here, so I started paying good attention to the eyes, and lo and behold one of the neighbors' dogs emerged from the brush. Now, I am a huge softie especially when it comes to animals, and Midwestern politeness is a very real thing. So, naturally, I pulled over to grab the dog and take it back to his owners which I instantly recognized as the wrong decision. As soon as I cracked my door, my stomach dropped as I realized I was a dumb teenage girl, pulled over on the side of a dark highway, alone, at night. Mama didn't raise no scaredy cat though, so I called out for the dog behind me where I'd seen it while I was driving. Nothing. No rustling, no happy dog noises, nothing, it was silent.
Starting to get a little wigged out, I decided that the dog could more than likely find his own way home. I turned around and sat back in my car and the dog is sitting in my headlights staring at me straight on. I suddenly was filled with this feeling of absolute, inescapable dread, I'd never felt so uncomfortably fearful. There was no way the dog could have gotten ahead of me. I'd already shut my door by this point, but I yelled at the dog anyway just to see if it would move. Still nothing, it just sat there like a statue.
Deciding that I'd had enough creepy events for the night, I just put my car in gear and gunned it out of there. The dog's head swiveled to follow me, body never moving, just watching me drive away. I was thoroughly creeped out by this point and thought maybe the dog was sick? Did it have rabies or something? As I considered, I passed the neighbors' house, the ones that owned the dogs. They had a streetlight in the yard and I could see their front porch. I looked over to see if their other dog was there, and both of their dogs were sleeping soundly under the light. When they heard my car, they perked their ears and wagged their tails. Both of the dogs were most definitely there.
I still don't know exactly what that thing was that I saw. It didn't act like a dog in any way; I'm not usually into that type of lore, but this incident really kind of made me believe in skinwalkers. If that thing was a real dog, that just happened to look identical to some nearby dogs that I knew of, wandering around the Kansas backwoods by itself after dark, I will eat my hat."

"A Man Came Out Of The Fields Covered In Blood"

"Driving on a rural road in Indiana heading to work at 4 in the morning. Corn fields on either side of me, a man came out of the fields covered in blood. I freaked out and sped around him. Called the police. Turns out he crashed into the field and wandered out."

"As We Locked Eyes, I Noticed..."

"This happened around 20 years ago, in Johannesburg, South Africa where I grew up. I was driving back very late from a night out at a club. I'd had a couple of drinks and, wanting to avoid the main roads, I took a detour down a very quiet and winding back road that bypassed the main road and popped out near my house. Would take a bit longer but much less chance of the cops stopping me.
This was about 4 am with absolutely nobody on that road at the time. Going pretty slow, I rounded a sharp left bend in the road and as I did I saw a woman, clearly of black African descent but with the most remarkable albino coloring, alabaster white skin and hair. She was standing on the verge of the road staring directly in the direction where I was coming from. She was dressed in nothing but a flimsy white skirt. No top, no brassiere, bare chest, barefoot.
She was grinning. Not just a smile, a manic, horrifying grin showing all her teeth and as I slowly passed her we locked eyes. As we did, I noticed she was holding a small knife, like a builder's Stanley box cutter, and her hands and wrists were covered in blood.
I absolutely crapped myself, nearly lost control of the car and as soon as I had passed her I sped up. I could still see her in the rear view mirror, looking at me and starting to walk into the middle of the road following in the direction I was driving.
I spent a few seconds driving away as fast as I could, watching her in the mirror the whole time. I got home, about 10 minutes later, absolutely shaking with fear and in a near panic.
After a couple minutes at home, I calmed down a bit and then started worrying that something terrible had happened to her and that she needed help. There was no way I was going back out, so I called the local police station and told them there was a near-naked woman on the road that was hurt, potentially armed and needed help. They asked my name and I hung up on them.
I used to dream about her for months after that. I still wonder to this day who she was and what had happened to her. I can rationalize it now, and most likely she was someone with a mental illness or suffering a psychotic episode and had self-harmed. A part of me wishes I'd stopped to try help her myself but the honest answer is, the experience terrified me to my core and my only thought at the time was to flee."

They Were Waiting
They Were Waiting

"I was driving home from work through an industrial area, quite late. As I came to a traffic circle, there was a car parked sideways across the road in an attempt to block the road. Two guys were standing near the car, waiting for someone to stop, I think the idea was to hijack the person? But I floored it and drove straight over the traffic circle to get away. Rattled me for a few days."

"I Will Always Wonder If I Was Witnessing An Apparition"

"In a suburb just outside of Nashville where I grew up, I used to take a shortcut from a busy road to my friend's house near a lake. This shortcut was probably only four miles long or so and was peppered with houses and farms along the way. Every so often I would drive this stretch of road late at night. I would often see a small girl in a white dress with long blonde hair swinging on a wooden swing in the middle of the night. Like clockwork, if I was driving by this house very late, she would be in the front yard swinging. For whatever reason, my underdeveloped pre-frontal cortex, high school self thought this somewhat normal and never checked it out further. I will always wonder if I was witnessing an apparition or a girl who just loved to swing."

Even The Dog Noticed
Even The Dog Noticed

"My girlfriend, while we were visiting her hometown, wanted to drive by a cemetery where they buried women accused of being witches and others (you could tell who the 'witches' were by the fortress of iron surrounding their graves). We had her parent's dog in the back seat asleep; we played that dog into the ground prior. She claimed that there was a point where the nicely paved road meets the old broken gravel road where you feel a faint disturbance/discomfort/anxiety. Sure enough as soon as we hit that exact point, the pooch immediately wakes up and starts crying unusually loud. Prettyyyy Creepyyyy."

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