“It Was Pretty Clear They'd Been Partying The Night Before”
“It Was Pretty Clear They'd Been Partying The Night Before”

"I had a pretty bizarre fare once. I picked up a guy and a girl midday Saturday for a short ride. The girl seemed high out of or her mind and was wearing somewhat revealing clothing, so it was pretty clear they'd been partying the night before. While driving I picked up their conversation which they were not even attempting to hide. It was pretty clear that the guy had a girlfriend who was not the girl in the car and that he had just hooked up with this girl. They were currently heading to his girlfriend to explain what had happened. To be clear, he is bringing the girl he was unfaithful with along to explain to his girlfriend that he just hooked up with her, but he tipped well though."

She Crapped In Her Sleep
She Crapped In Her Sleep

"Not me but a friend who also drives in my city picked up this wasted girl on her bachelorette party at 8 pm on a Saturday night. She was going like four blocks but was so out of it that she passed out the second she sat down.

He pulls off and about 30 seconds later she craps in her sleep. She's wearing very short shorts so it just falls out both sides.

Being that she's passed out, he drives her to her hotel anyway (with the windows down trying not to vomit).

When he gets there, she kind of wakes up, and in the process of getting out manages to smear poop on his back seat, on the back of the front seat, on the inside roof, on the outside roof, and on the door.

She says sorry, throws him $20, and disappears.

Uber gives him $250 to clean his car and charged it to the client. The next day he gets an email from Uber saying she called them all angry because why did she have to pay a soilage charge when she already gave him $20 to get the car cleaned?"

“Why Would You Disclose That Information To A Stranger?”
“Why Would You Disclose That Information To A Stranger?”

"I drove for a taxi company. I had a fare where two intoxicated people who were making out in the back of my cab. This isn't unusual on it's own, happens quite often, just got to stop them before it gets out of hand.

Well, one of them decides to stop making out and says to me, 'Don't tell anyone, okay? Curious, I ask why, he responds, 'We are cousins and we don't want our family to find out.' Then they went back to making out again. I didn't once think they could have possibly been cousins, never saw either people before or after. Could have just kept his mouth shut and I'd never have known. Why would you disclose that information to a stranger?

I'm hoping it was just role playing/incest fantasy to spice things up, but they did look a lot alike."

“Something Doesn’t Seem Right”
“Something Doesn’t Seem Right”

"This is the reason why I stopped working for Uber.

It's about 10:30 pm I get a request and accept it. It's a 20 something-year-old girl just getting off work at a retail clothing store. She needs a ride to her home, about 35 minutes outside the city limits. Cool, long ride = more money. Get to her house, she gets out and I drive away. Now, I'm about 25+ miles away from the city so I don't really expect to get any hits out there. I'm about to head back in when I get another request. This one is another 30 minutes further outside the city limits. Hmm, maybe this person wants to go downtown. That's an hour long ride = $$$. I'm down. Start heading their way. It's a beautiful night so I cruise the whole way with my windows down.

Long, winding, narrow roads, no street lights for miles. Finally, I come across the property. It's a ranch-style place. I turn in, still no lights, pitch black. I drive in for about two miles with no signs of a house. I'm doubting my GPS at this point. Oh well, I'm already this far, keep going.

Oh cool, a house! No lights on. Something doesn't seem right. I swing my car around to face the exit, leave my car in drive and rest my foot on the brake, just in case and waited for a while. Nothing. Let me give the guy a call.

He answers and sounds confused.

'Hey, I'm your Uber driver, I'm outside. Take your time, I'm here whenever you're ready.'

'Uber? I didn't request a ride.'

'Hmm? I'm at ###XXXXX, Texas. Your address and information comes up on my app.'

'Texas? I'm in Indiana. I've never been to Texas. Please don't charge me.' Hangs up.

In that moment, I felt the already pitch black night get darker. I turn down the radio. My window was still open and so I started listening.

You know that sound of a dirt road when somebody is walking on it? How it crunches and you can hear every step? Imagine that sound, but there are two sets of feet. And they're running, getting louder. I look out my rear view mirror and the only light is from the red parking lights of my car.

Two men, all black clothes painted red by my brake lights. Sprinting, getting closer, getting louder.

I slammed on the gas, my car threw pebbles and rocks at them as I semi-burned out and I hauled it as fast as I could out of that property. Got back on that winding road, followed it all the way to a well-lit gas station, shifted to park, and sat there, stunned. What just happened?

I tried following up with Uber. Nothing really came of it. To this day I'll always have to wonder what happened that night."

The 70-Year-Old Lady Downs The Entire Pint Before He Can Say Anything
The 70-Year-Old Lady Downs The Entire Pint Before He Can Say Anything

"I picked up an elderly lady in my 3-series BMW in a rather sketchy part of Memphis at about 8 am on a weekday morning. No big deal right? She gets in and says, 'Alright I need you to take me to work, but first we gotta go to the liquor store.' I say okay and start toward the nearest liquor store, thinking she is just picking something up for after work. On the way there she mentions she works for a repossession company and that they work for a car dealership that intentionally sells cars to people that can't pay for them. She says she wants to swing by an address on the way to work to see if there is a car she needs to repossess located there. She says the cars usually have GPS, but she thinks the car's owner has disabled the GPS.

We arrive at the liquor store and the lady goes in and comes out. She gets in the car and before I can ask her not to drink in the car she has downed an entire pint. At this point I can't even be mad; I'm flabbergasted. Laughing, I ask the old lady if she even had a chaser. She pulls out a Capri Sun, stabs it with the straw, and starts drinking it. She says, 'You probably think I'm some sort of alcoholic or something.' I reply, 'I don't know if you are or not, but at least you're up and at 'em this morning headed to work.'

Then she starts directing me back into the sketchy neighborhood to search for a black Chrysler 300. I make it clear to her that I am only a driver and that if we find this car I am not getting out of my car. She agrees and says she'll just call a tow truck if we see the car. As we're cruising this really sketchy area looking for the car, she is feeling it more and more as the drink seeps into her. She keeps asking if every black 4-door car is a Chrysler 300. I'm wondering if she even knows what a 300 is. I notice we are getting strange looks from the people we drive by as we head down a long dead end street with a shady looking, gated apartment complex at the end that kind of looks like the street from the movie 'Training Day.' We reach the end and go to turn around and I realize again how sketchy we look cruising around here. If the cops saw us they would assume we were looking for something illegal. I notice again that everyone sitting outside the apartment complex is staring at us like we are an elephant in the room.

I guess she senses my discomfort, or maybe she had to be at work at 9 am because she says, 'Okay now I feel like I'm ready to deal with these guys, let's head to (such and such sketchy car dealership).' So we get close to the dealership and she says park over there and produces another pint and Capri Sun from her bag. She downs half the pint, mentions something about saving some for later, punches a straw in her Capri Sun, says, 'Time to go to work, have a nice day' and exits the vehicle. I'm just sitting there like wtf.

This was a seriously hardcore old lady of probably 65 or 70 years. Or maybe she just looked old because she drank so much, I don't know. Was a pretty nice fare though, with all the driving around we did for an hour."

He Overheard Their Plan For…
He Overheard Their Plan For…

"Picked up this very tall and somewhat muscular looking black girl carrying what looks like a tackle box. She was dressed somewhat risque. Gets in the car and I said hello, she responds with a pretty deep voice. We started the trip and she was telling me that she was on her way to do makeup for one of her friends, and her phone rang.

She answered the call and it started off pretty standard, I wasn't really paying attention. Suddenly I just hear, 'Girl, what're you worried about? You have a great lookin' bean.'

Hmmm, alright then, where's this going? 'No, Derek is super sweet, it'll be fun I promise.' 'No girl, he's just gonna come through the doors...' 'Yes I'll be there. I'll be outside the doors as one of the topless guards. Anyway, he's going to pan through doors, focus in on you on the bed. Just start playing with yourself, nothing you haven't done before.' 'Yes, after a few minutes of doing that you call for the guards, and I come in and we hook up.' 'Yes I brought the strap-on, it's in the makeup box.'

And that's the story of the person planning their adult film during an Uber ride."

Uber Driver Takes Guy To Buy Smack Then To Rehab
Uber Driver Takes Guy To Buy Smack Then To Rehab

"Craziest, arguably most sad situation I've been part of. I haven't driven for Uber since.

On this particular night, I received a peculiar request for a ride. The request came in, and everything seemed normal. He was 3 miles away, according to his request.

As I'm driving to the pickup location, I get a phone call. It's my passenger. Basically, he says:

'Hey man, I'm not actually at that location. I just had to put that so someone could come get me. I'm too far away from any other drivers, so the app made me put my location in your city, closer to other drivers. Come pick me up at my drop off location.'

This is okay with me because I am getting paid to go pick him up. To my surprise, he lives over an hour away. Score, this is about to be easy money. About an hour and a half passes and I roll up to a small little house in a decent area. I text my passenger. Out walks a guy, 23 years old. Really handsome guy, he could have been a model. Thick brown hair, scruffy facial hair, nice smile, everything. Charismatic and outgoing as well. He has an open bottle of liquor in one hand, and Sprite in the other as he walks to my car. Knowing this is against the law, I'm hesitant to let him in my car. But, I drove over an hour to pick this guy up, so I wasn't about to turn him away because of his drink. He asks me if we can run to an ATM really quickly. I oblige and he gets $10 cash. He gets back in the car and takes a swig of his liquor, the bottle 3/4 full at this point. I ask him where he wants me to take him tonight.

'Atlanta. It's not a great part of town that we're going in, but just trust me man, it's all going to be okay. I promise.'

'I'm calm man, don't worry about that.'

We hit the road. Atlanta is 2 hours away from where we are at this point. It's a long ride, so we begin talking. I learn a lot about him as he's drunk. He drinks every day, so his drunken state is actually incredibly coherent. He's really smart, former UGA student, wanted to be a doctor but he dropped out of school and now he's now homeless. Addicted to drugs, low self-esteem, doesn't know what to do with his life. He is a self-proclaimed screw up. I find all of this to be interesting. I tend to be decent with people who are troubled in life, so I do what I can to try to talk to this kid. I want to help him, I want to relate to him, to get through to him. He clearly has his hands full with life.

I ask him, 'What's your favorite thing in the world to do? Like, you have 24 hours to do this one thing. What do you do?'


'Okay, let's spin the wheel again. Not quite the answer I was looking for.'

'I like smack man. Video games too, but mainly smack.'

'Do you think you have a problem?'

'Not really. I've been to rehab twice before but I've never done it for myself, I only went because other people made me.'

'I see.'

I get a feel for this guy. He continues drinking his bottle. I'm going to get arrested if I get pulled over with this guy drinking this bottle in my car. Screw it, let's keep driving. I've come this far with him, why not.

Right before I get to the gas station, he accidentally spills his Sprite in my (new) car. This is where I began to see first hand his low self-esteem. When he spilled his Sprite, he started cursing himself. Talking about how he always messes everything up, about how he can never do anything right, how he makes things worse for everyone. I assure him that he's okay and say I'll clean it when we get to the gas station.

We arrive and I tell him to go to the bathroom. I clean the spilled drink, no harm no foul. When he comes out, I tell him everything is okay, and the car is as good as new. He's still a little upset, but he gets over it.

Back on the road to Atlanta. We talk politics, religion, and some other things. He passes out in my front seat from his liquor. He tells me to wake him up when we get to Atlanta.

'Alright brother, we're here. Now where?'

This is where things get interesting. And I mean interesting. He navigates me to a ghetto, run down, dark apartment. There are cops at every corner in this city, and I'm not exaggerating. Just to give you an idea of how bad this part of town is, he tells me, 'I'm going to run inside. I'll be out in 3 minutes. PLEASE, do not leave me here. Please. I'm begging you. I know it's scary here, but please don't leave me in this part of town. After this, you can leave me wherever you want. But please don't leave me here.' I have no idea what we're doing at this terrible place, but I've found myself here at 4:00 am with this guy. He gets out of my car and runs to the third story of the apartment. 2 minutes go by and he's right back out in my car.

'Alright man, we can go now.'

'What the heck was that about man?'

'I had to buy my drugs. Ready?'

'What'd you buy?'


Jesus. I just drove this guy 2 hours to a drug house. I'm going to freaking die tonight. I'm going to die.

I'm JUST back into the main street, and he tells me to pull over to the side of the road. I oblige. He gets out, runs into the woods, and comes back with a bag. He grabbed his needles. He takes off his shoe and sock, ties his shoelaces around his ankle and inserts the needle into his foot. This man is using while I'm driving my car. At any second, he could stab me with this needle, drug me, and kill me.

I am going to get thrown in prison with this guy. I'm transporting an illegal substance, but screw it, I've gone this far with this kid, I'm not backing out now. I've got to do something, I'm going to help this kid.

'How much did you just buy?'

'$10 worth. Why?'

'Listen man. You've got a problem. You just spent $175 on rides to get to Atlanta for $10 worth of drugs. Do you see the problem here?'

He stays silent. It kicks in almost immediately. He's drowsy, incoherent at this point, trying to stay awake. He injected more than he realized, and his heart is slowing. He assures me he's not going to die.

'Yeah, uhhh, please don't die. That'd be great if you didn't die right now.'

He lets out a little laugh. He's about to pass out, but he tells me to take him to a gas station. I take him to the one he requested. He gets out of my car and stumbles into the woods at the gas station. I am watching his every move, seeing if he is going to rob this gas station, or whatever it is he is doing.

He starts digging in the ground like a dog who is making a hole. He's digging for about 3 solid minutes, then he makes his way back to my car. He found his crank that he had hidden last week when he thought the cops were following him. He then buys vinegar at the gas station. He then dilutes his crank in the vinegar and starts shooting up that into his foot in my car.

'Take me to the hospital. I need to go to rehab.'


'Yes. You're right. I'm dependent. When you told me how much I spent on the ride to buy it, that was a wakeup call."

At this point, he's on the verge of tears and so am I. I take him to the hospital. On the way there, he starts crying.

'You've been a better friend to me than anyone I've ever known. Why? I don't get it. There MUST be a reason that you were the one who was sent to pick me up tonight. It's a sign. I don't know who you are, but you've been a better friend to me tonight than I've ever had in my life. Why are you helping me? I'm a screw up. You should have left me hours ago.'

I'm crying while driving this guy.

'I don't know why I do these things man, I just care about you, I want you to get better.'

'Thanks, nobody has ever cared.'

We get to rehab at the hospital. I walk in to check this guy in, he stays in the car. I tell the receptionist what's going on:

'I'm an uber driver. There is a guy in my car right now who is strung out on crank and smack, he needs to go to rehab.'

'Whoa, what's going on? Let me come see what's going on.'

The receptionist follows me to my car along with the freaking police man who was sitting next to him at the front desk. The cop is a huge jerk at this point. He tells my passenger to get out of my car and put his hands up. After searching him, he tells him to gather his paraphernalia (needles and whatnot) and he takes him inside. Officer tells me to follow. He is interrogating the kid, just relentlessly questioning him, and the kid is crying. He keeps saying, 'I don't want to go back to jail, I just want help, I don't want to do this anymore.'

I step in and pretty much tell the officer to chill out and quit intimidating the guy. The officer then pulls me aside and threatens to arrest me, saying that I'm just as guilty as he is and that I should be in prison right now. During his interrogation with me, the passenger says that I know nothing, I'm just an uber driver. After my passenger mentions that, the officer tells me to get the heck out of there. I left.

Today, I have no idea what came of the situation. I don't know if the kid got the help he needed, if he went to jail, if he went home, nothing."

“It's Like Having A Prime Time Drama Show Unfold In My Backseat”
“It's Like Having A Prime Time Drama Show Unfold In My Backseat”

"I got the ping around 4:30 a.m. When I get to the address, I see this girl who looks startlingly like the actress that plays Ginny Weasley in Harry Potter standing in the middle of the street waving, so I stop. Yup, she's my passenger and she is so wasted AND carrying an enormous glass full of red wine. She asked if she could bring the wine in the car, I told her no because we'd both be arrested, she said okay, then I'll chug it. And she did.

So she gets in my car and I drive her maybe six blocks away to a friend's place. Her friend hands her a grocery bag of miscellaneous stuff, she tells me to drive her home. 'Or -- wait -- ugh I don't wanna go home, just drive around until I figure out where I want to go.' Sure, free money, I start driving circles while she calls everyone in her phone. Unsurprisingly, no one answers, and she really doesn't want to go home, so we just keep going in circles. I've reminded her at least three times that this is costing her money, I have no problem with it but are you absolutely sure? 'Yeah no problem, money doesn't matter right now.'

The following conversation is one of the more hilarious and utterly WEIRD I've experienced. Of course, she's so gone that her speech is entirely slurred and I can't make a lot of it out, but I get enough to know that she's not only wasted, but she's been doing illegal substances and she's on the longest bender of her life - currently day 8. She was recently fired from her job and is in the process of suing them for wrongful termination, her dad committed suicide when she was 4, she had like three friends die in various ways within the past few years, something about being in AA but falling off the wagon, her mom is SO RICH but doesn't want to give her second house to her own daughter WTF, she never wants to marry because she has yet to meet a dude who is not a horrible person (but she happily hooks up with pretty much all of them), has been pregnant twice and contracted who knows how many STIs, really wants to work in forensics someday and start her own business, on and on and on! I don't mind listening, it's like having a prime time drama show unfold in my backseat that I'm getting paid to watch.

Around 5:45 am after over an hour of driving, she said that there's a bar she knows that opens at 7 am If I'm okay with driving aimlessly until then (I assured her that I am) I can take her there. So another hour and fifteen minutes of wandering later, I drop her off at the bar. She thanked me profusely, called me boo, and told me to have a good life.

And to top it all off, she tipped me with an entire container of edibles."

He Was On His Way To The Hospital To Get
He Was On His Way To The Hospital To Get "Something" Removed

"I picked up a client who said he was on his way to the hospital to get 'something' removed. It was very clear by his movements that he had something stuck in his butt. I asked if he needed an ambulance instead but he said he didn't have insurance so he couldn't afford it. After I dropped him off and helped him in, I got back in the car and looked back to find a blood stain on the seat.

The morals of the story are 1) If you're poor, don't shove things in your butt that can get stuck and 2) Never get light gray upholstery in your new car.

I didn't charge him. I honestly felt bad for him more than anything else. He seemed like a nice guy and if he was really in such a hard time financially that he had to take a bumpy uber ride with something inside him, I couldn't do that to him so I got it cleaned myself."

“I Want To Throw Another $500 Your Way If You Let Me…”
“I Want To Throw Another $500 Your Way If You Let Me…”

"While I've had a few crazy rides my buddy's takes the cake. Around 1 am on a Saturday he gets a ping that's at 200% surge near the bars. He picked up a well-dressed man who's sober and once he's in the car he asked to be taken to the casino. He was picked up in Dallas and the casino is in Oklahoma. Feeling bad he warned the guy, 'Are you sure, that's a 70-mile trip and you're on 200% surge.' Guy says it's fine and he's happy my buddy is getting paid.

They enjoy a nice trip and have some normal talk and once they get to the casino my buddy ended the ride netting himself $300. The guy then realizes he doesn't have a ride home so he makes a deal with my friend. 'Look, I'm gonna go gamble for a few hours. If I give you $250 now, will you wait and when I come back I'll give you another $250 for waiting and another $500 for the trip back?' Buddy agrees and takes a nap until guy is done.

Guy comes back and gives him the cash and they head back home. During the small talk the guy says, 'Look you've been great and seem like a stand-up guy. I want to throw another $500 your way if you let me give you a BJ.' This dude wanted to pay my friend 500 just to do that! When you ask him what happened next he just laughs and says, 'Well rent was due and if the worst way to make $500 bucks is pretending a chick is doing it then it's not so bad."

“My Brother Passes Out Very Easy”
“My Brother Passes Out Very Easy”

"A crazy experience that happened to my brother.

He is a Lyft driver, and one day he was picking up an operating room nurse from work and taking her home. She lived kind of far away so they needed to take the freeway to get to it. They start chatting, and my brother starts talking about how when he was a baby he had open-heart surgery at the same hospital that she works in. Funny enough, this nurse has been in the OR during many open-heart surgeries, so she knows a lot about them. She starts talking about them and eventually goes into pretty graphic detail about how the surgery is done.

Now, my brother has this problem where he passes out very easy while discussing or seeing medical procedures. He's done it three times before; once where he watched himself get an IV, once from seeing the pin in his toe after he had foot surgery, and once while they were discussing how to put a catheter in during EMT training (he wanted to be a firefighter).

So sure enough, after a little bit of hearing about the surgery, the nurse notices the car veering off to the left, crossing over a lane. She looks over at my brother and sees him passed out cold behind the wheel. She starts screaming and the car ends up veering off into a ditch on the side of the freeway. The nurse apparently forgets all her training, and just freaking books it once the car stops. Apparently, the smell coming from the deployed airbags smelled like smoke to her and she thought the car was going to blow up. My brother and the nurse were both physically fine, but his car is completely totaled."

“He Pulls Out His Pistol And Asked…”
“He Pulls Out His Pistol And Asked…”

"I was in Santa Ana, CA looking for a guy I was supposed to pick up. He lived in a large cul-de-sac with a small park in the center. It happened to be later in the evening when I went to pick him up. I go through the cul-de-sac once pretty slowly as I can't find his house. I decided to do a second round of the cul-de-sac and when I get a quarter of the way through two guys emerge from the park and one of them pulls out his pistol and asked, 'What the eff you doing in my neighborhood.' I decide to act really calm and just let him know that I'm with Uber and was unable to find a passenger and who I was looking for. He says, 'Oh you looking for 'Random Name' he's at the top of the cul-de-sac blue house.' I thanked him for his help and canceled on my rider because screw that."

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