A Heartbreaking Situation.
1. A Heartbreaking Situation.

I grew up in an extremely ghetto part of West Virginia when I was a kid. It was basically Boyz N Da Hood IRL, just to give you the setting. One day, I was out in the neighborhood playing baseball with my friends when we saw an older kid named Lorenzo running by frantically. Lorenzo was a bit of a star in the neighborhood for being such a great ballplayer, so we all kind of looked up to him. At the time, it was becoming well known that he was getting caught up in selling crack, like most of the other kids his age that lived around me. After he ran by us, we chased him down the street because he looked like he was in trouble. After a while of us chasing after him and yelling for him to stop, he stopped right in front of our elementary school and turned to face us. He tried to catch his breath and then all he said was, "They're going to kill me. I can't stop 'em... they're going to kill me." He reached into his pants and pulled out a small pistol. All in unison, my whole group of friends screamed "NOOOOOO!" But he put it to his temple and blew his brains out of the other side of his head, all over the main entrance wall of the school. His body stood in place for a moment while we all stared in shock. After what seemed like a slow-motion lifetime, his body tipped over like a tree and laid lifeless on the sidewalk. Hopefully the most disturbing thing I will ever have to witness. Source

Not Dead On Impact.
2. Not Dead On Impact.

Saw my best friend of 13 years get hit by a drunk driver going 58 mph... he flew through the air and the resulting sound was absolutely terrible. What was worse is that he didn't die on impact, so I sat there and watched him as he cried and eventually left me, and then had to go tell his mother what he had happened. Needless to say, there were quite a few horrifying sights that day. Source

3. "Saw the skull and other insides of my fiancé that one should not see."

A few years back, my fiancé and I were hit by a drunk driver. Drunk dude was going 70mph in a 30mph zone. He hit my fiancé's side. I look to my left and there was no fiancé in sight. No driver's side door, nothing. I had a pretty major concussion and started wigging out, trying to get out of the car to find him. I thought I was trapped in the car when in reality the only thing holding me back was a seat belt and locked door. I began screaming his name... I didn't even know if he was alive at this point. I was terrified. What felt like an eternity later, there he was trying to stand at the front of the car. He was bloody, limping, and out of it. His head was gashed open. I mean GASHED OPEN. There was blood all over his face and I could see his skull. At this point, I figured out how to unbuckle and unlock the door. He reached his hand up and gave it a "WTF?" look. There was muscle and meat hanging from his hand. His shin was ripped open from knee to ankle. All of his front teeth were chipped and bleeding. This man, as mangled as he was, tried to come rescue me. It brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it, let alone typing it out. If anyone is wondering, he's fine now. Source

No Child Should Ever Have To Witness That.
4. No Child Should Ever Have To Witness That.

My father committed suicide a while back, using a shotgun slug to the head. He did it in the garage. My brother and I cleaned up the mess as best we could (after the official cleaners were done). We kept noticing a smell though. After a week or so, we really got down and pulled everything out of the garage. Wedged behind the dryer was a large section of brain. Hard to forget that moment. Source

Horrible Doctors.
5. Horrible Doctors.

I'm a paraplegic with stage four decubitis ulcers (like bed sores). One of these got badly infected, making me very sick (sepsis), so with a fever of 105.5 I got into the car and drove myself to the hospital. Long story short, they didn't believe I was sick (the Doc thought I was just showing up to get pain meds because I was young and paralyzed) and sent me home without even an exam. I was so cold when I got home that I got in the shower and blasted the warm water. My shower chair was shaped kind of like a toilet seat so to make it easier to wash one's private parts. As I was sitting there I noticed that I was bleeding into the tub. I reached down to see if the skin was still intact, and a large lump of flesh (about the size of a small fist) fell off of me into the tub. I reached around my butt where the sores were to feel around and assess the damage (scared out of my wits now) and felt something hard but rather loose. I barely touched it and it fell off and landed on top the lump of flesh. Turns out, it was my coccyx. Needless to say, I went back to the hospital with my old parts in a bag, and they admitted me for a more than 6 month stay. Source

A Haunting Memory That Won't Go Away.
6. A Haunting Memory That Won't Go Away.

Bosier, Louisiana. Night. Vacation for me and my friends. We were at the dock, when we heard someone yelling. A very old man in a drunken stupor was stumbling down the train tracks over the river. Before we could do anything, the train comes barreling through. He falls just as it goes by. It severs his feet from his ankles, and moments after he collides face first with the ground, his head shattering, his feet rain from the sky onto some people, who then start screaming. All of us were held for questioning even though it was obviously an accident, and a private investigator hounded me for months and months afterward even though I'd given both him and the police the story for several times. Just as I'd start to forget, he'd call me again, and ask me all sorts of questions, bringing the scene back full force. Seeing someone's brain explode out of their head and onto some children nearby is pretty disgusting. Source

Hit And Run.
7. Hit And Run.

I saw a toddler run into the street and get hit by a taxi in NYC. the father then picked up the kid and ran with its limp body down the street.
I called 911. Got in an argument with the dispatcher about where I was. Then i threw up. Source

Black Friday.
8. Black Friday.

When I was in 2nd grade, I witnessed hindu rioters cut off a muslim rioter's head with a sword in the middle of a main road during a curfew in Bombay during the '93 Riots. Apparently the muslim rioter raped a hindu girl. It was a really bad time for people in bombay. I still remember the decapitiation vividly. For interested parties, There is a nice film on this called Black Friday. A very good watch. Source

Just, Why?
9. Just, Why?

I used to work at the front desk at a gym. One time this guy was using the equipment and was sweating a bunch. It's courtesy to wipe the equipment off so no one else has to sit in your sweat. Well two juice heads didn't approve of this. Some words came around and one started holding the sweaty guy. Then I hear "hit him with the weight." One of the juice heads picked up a 20lb weight and smacked him over the head with it. Then they ran out. The guy dropped to the floor and couldn't even hold his head. There was brain matter coming out. Luckily someone that was in the gym was some kind of doctor and took control until the paramedics arrived. Source

Karma At It's Finest.
10. Karma At It's Finest.

My ahole stepfather beating my mom. F_cking scumbag. My brothers and I were still little, and my brothers used to yell at him that they'd beat the sh_t out of him as soon as they could take him on. They never got the chance because the ahole died of lung cancer. Karma's a b_tch. Source

An Sad Homecoming.
11. An Sad Homecoming.

Came back from holiday when I was 7 and we went to visit my grandfather. He was sitting in a chair with his back to the door when I ran up to give him a hug. Turned out he'd died soon after we'd left and he'd started rotting away in the summer heat. I didn't really register the smell until I was sitting in his lap and saw his face. Then it hit me. I will never forget that smell or those eyes. Source

Yup, NOPE.
12. Yup, NOPE.

My parents + my neighbors + double sided dildo + needing to ask my mom a question + bedroom = seeing my parents in group sex using a double sided dildo. Consequences will never be the same. Source

13. "Wanna Be My Friend?"

I've never admitted this string of events to anyone IRL for the fear that they won't want to be my friend ... so here goes. First grade, trick or treating. Guy jumps out of the bushes to scare us. My friend runs into the street in fear and gets hit by a car. Dead. Guy who scared us was my brother's best friend. Guy driving the car was our neighbor. Third grade, playing with two friends at friend's house. One friend disappears for a minute then returns with a pistol. Before me or my other friend can say anything, he accidentally discharges it into my other friend's head. Dead. Two best friends gone instantly (shooter moves away). Fourth grade, go to visit my best friend who is in the hospital. Granted, he had childhood leukemia, so he wasn't likely to live long. But after receiving a bone marrow transplant that appeared to be working, he gets a blood transfusion that kills him. Happens to be the day I go visit him. High school. Ask a girl out on a date just before graduation. She says yes. Really liked her. That night she's riding in a jeep with a friend and he flips it. Kills her. College. Caravan across the mountain pass back to college. Three people (two friends, some other guy) in the car ahead of us. He takes a corner too fast for the conditions, rolls the car, two of three dead. The guy I didn't know survived. Later in life. Reconnect with buddy from high school after our reunion. We share stories about family, life, etc. Two weeks later he died working on his car. Reconnect on FB with a girl I dated in high school. She sends me this weird message, kind of manic, trying to get me to buy into some multi-level marketing thing or whatever. Then proceeds to tell me how much she loved me, yada, yada. I (happily married now) say, yes, we had fun, and I have great memories of you. Find out two weeks later she hanged herself. F_ck. Wanna be my friend? Source

Please Don't Text And Drive.
14. Please Don't Text And Drive.

Driving to my parents house in the country with my then g/f who was an Emergency Dept MD. 4 lane highway at a bad bend with a subdivision across the road caused people to stop in the fast lane waiting to turn across into the subdivision. I know to look way down the hill ahead of the curve and see someone is there with their blinker on waiting to turn across oncoming traffic. I move to the slow lane and a girl in a Honda passes me doing 80+ and is texting. I see what is going to happen and start to slow down and sure enough the girl rear-ends the stopped Toyota. We rush to the girls car and she had been wearing her seatbelt but with the shoulder strap tucked behind her (her husband said that is how she wore it). She had gone forward through the front windshield with her head and then came back through the driver side window and slit her throat. My ex "triaged" her and had me apply pressure while she went to help the other lady and her 12 year old who had half her car shoved into their backs (breaking the woman's back, shoulders, ribs etc etc and breaking an arm i think and gashing up the girl). I held pressure but couldnt stop the bleeding by any means. G/F came back and there was basically nothing that could be done so i sat there trying to hold her life in while it poured out through my fingers and i watched her eyes go dead. Ive seen plenty of death but someone said it that "Gore IRL is fucking scary". The worst thing was when her husband showed up with their newborn and had to listen to me tell the cops that it was her fault while standing covered in her blood.Source

Real Life Bambi.
15. Real Life Bambi.

Went hunting with step dad, he had a doe license or something? (so he could hunt a doe) all weekend we couldn't find game. But on the way home next to the road we found a doe grazing. He pulls out his rifle and shoots it. We get super excited and run out to see. Next to the body there were two baby fawns, they didn't even realize the mother was dead. We don't know what to do... so my dad tells me to chase the fawns away. I start crying while throwing rocks at them, they get scared but ultimately don't back away more than 10 feet of their mother. We drag the body over to an area were we could gut it. They follow. I watch them as he skins it... I couldn't even describe how I felt or the look in their eyes. We leave the skin and keep the body. As we drive away I look back and I see one of them licking the skin of their mother. I never went hunting again, and didn't speak to my father for several weeks. Source

It Wasn't A Dream.
16. It Wasn't A Dream.

Lady next door's baby died of SIDDS. I was asleep on the couch dreaming that I was on a roller coaster... people were screaming. Turns out it was the lady, banging on the front door of our duplex. I opened the door and she handed me her dead baby. Still screaming in a panic. I'll never forget the purple color and blood pooling up under the skin. I was about 7. Source

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